…have big ideas and courageous dreams. And you want to live your dreams out loud and in full color with support from a like-minded community who can rally behind you. You need help reaching more people, moving your ideas forward and receiving honest feedback on your offerings and contribution to the world. If you feel stuck and overwhelmed, you’re in the right place for some serious action taking. If you want to grow your own community and do meaningful things in your life, you have to take inspired action first, and I can help you.


People come to me when they're ready to grow their communities into a meaningful, world-changing movement. I help visionaries take small, imperfect action towards their big vision (Pssst… your vision can change and that’s totally okay). If you’ve got a bohemian spirit like me, you’re looking for freedom to choose and create your own destiny. I’m a California girl, with a gypsy heart; an introvert who loves building intentional communities; a gemini; and I’ll choose a conversation with depth over small talk any day. Family dance parties, green smoothies, and “I love you” are a must in my home. I’m a published author, entrepreneur, mama, wife, keynote speaker, business mentor, and lifelong learner, with over 60 college units, but no degree (so if I can make my dreams a reality with no formal education, I know you can too). I'm a community builder, movement starter, spoken word poet and dreamer.


If you’ve got dreams, I have a no BS approach to making them a reality. No more complicated blueprints, conflicting marketing strategies, and getting stuck in a business or life that’s not aligned with who you really are. I believe you and I are on a mission to move mountains and make a difference in the world. We dance to the beat of our own drum, and say YES to possibility, YES to contribution, YES to anything that makes our hearts sing! The true magic happens when we give ourselves permission to say yes to ourselves. Ready to join a tribe of world-changers? CLICK HERE if you want in!
I get super shy when people pronounce my name wrong (and I probably won't correct you), so Jadah is pronounced Jaw-duh. Rhymes with…nada, Prada.

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Jadah is an advocate for world-changing dreamers, a community-building strategist, and the co-author and co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies.

Jadah Sellner grew the Simple Green Smoothies’ community, with her friend + co-founder Jen Hansard, from 0 to 355,000 subscribers, reaching more than 30 million page views, 415,000 Instagram followers, and 320,000 Facebook fans. With her partner in kale she helped over 1 million fans commit to drinking plant-based smoothies with challenges.

Jadah has been an invited keynote speaker at World Domination Summit, ProBlogger Australia, Social Media Marketing World, BlogHer, creativeLIVE, a community-building faculty expert for the Good Life Project, Chris Ducker's Tropical Think Tank, Amy Porterfield's Business Building Workshop, Archangel Summit – sharing the stage with speakers like Gary Vaynerchuck, Seth Godin and Gretchen Rubin.

Jadah helps entrepreneurs build their tribes with her community building course, Build Your Challenge™ and her private business coaching + mastermind programs, Love Over Metrics™ Business Growth Incubator and the Mentorship Lab™. Jadah is fueled by green smoothies, inspired by dance parties in the living room, and reads Shel Silverstein poems to her daughter at bedtime.


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