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Who’s in your corner for 2018 + watch this behind the scenes video

We’re nearing the finish line of 2017 and I’m spending 3 weeks with my family vacationing in Hawaii. My husband participated in the Honolulu race and ran 26.2 miles, and I’m so proud of him!

When I asked him what kept him going when it got hard, he said it was the people on the sidelines cheering him on. People were holding up funny signs, saying encouraging words, and giving him bananas from their backyard to show their love and support.

There were stretches along the route where there were no people, that’s when he began to slow down and the script ran in his head of whether or not he could actually finish.

That’s so true for all of us isn’t it? Love, community + support has the power to keep us going in business and life. Having someone in your corner cheering you on, believing you can do it when you’re not sure and holding the container for you is everything.

That’s what it’s all about with the women in my Mentorship Lab and Love Over Metrics programs. Support, encouragement, dreaming, accountability, strategizing next steps. I would still be dreaming and drawing at the whiteboard if I didn’t get the love, support and gentle nudges from my coaches and mastermind sisters.

This month, as I soak in the Aloha spirit and sunshine, I’ll be doing a lot of reflecting, celebrating, and dreaming of what’s next. I encourage you to do the same.

Here a few things to get you started:

  • Look back at your year and celebrate your favorite moments and accomplishments. What are you most proud of? (I personally look through my calendar and photos to remind me of what I did)
  • Are there any lessons, a-has, insights that you learned this year? You can look at failure as feedback and wins as momentum.
  • Are there any unfinished projects that didn’t get accomplished this year that still have energy and excitement for next year?
  • What’s your big dream for 2018? How do you want next year to be different? What resources and support do you need to achieve that dream?

If you’re looking for a community building, business strategist to be in your corner in 2018, see if the Mentorship Lab program is for you. This private one-on-one coaching partnership starts in January 2018 and 2 spots are already filled (I take up to 6 clients per year).

If you’re interested in my Love Over Metrics mastermind program, you can join the waitlist here.

Are you curious about what working with me would be like?

Take a behind the scenes look of what went down when I strategized with the winners of the Love + Gratitude Giveaway.

Check out my live strategy session with Erica Hoese –– the fit + fierce momma of 3, competitive body builder and fitness and wellness coach. I’m excited to see her lead her community with the #FitMomArmy movement.

In this strategy session, we cover…

:: how to sell with authenticity
:: tips for finding her tribe
:: marketing strategies for her new 3 month program (including what to include in her sales emails)
:: how to deal with objections

Molly Carina Dengler and I met at my TEDx talk last month in Santo Domingo. I was so inspired by her work and really enjoyed connecting with her in this live strategy session. Molly is a wife, momma and the Dominican Republic National Director of Global Glimpse, a non-profit that serves low income diverse US high school students with transformation travel to the Dominican Republic, Ecuador + Nicaragua.

In this strategy session, we cover…

:: how to manage her team with more love + compassion
:: ways to nurture her team and build stronger relationships
:: how to structure and batch tasks for your business + personal life
:: the power of unplugging

Check out my live strategy session with Ailish Lucas, the creator of The Glow Getter, a blog focused on natural + organic beauty, health and wellness.

In this strategy session we cover…

:: how to get more personal with her email list
:: how to boost engagement with her community
:: how to get people excited about her upcoming challenge
:: tips on pricing her paid offer

Don’t forget to pause.

Take the time to reflect on your year, and I’ll connect with you once more before we welcome in 2018 to share my reflections too. I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday.

And speaking of holiday… if you’re looking for one last gift to finish up your shopping (gotta love Amazon Prime’s free 2-day shipping!), there’s still time to pickup a copy of Simple Green Smoothies –– a book I co-wrote with my friend Jen. It’s being featured in Barnes & Noble in 2018 and is the perfect gift for someone who wants to transform their health with one green smoothie a day.

Warm hugs,

P.S. If you’re looking for a business mentor to be in your corner for 2018, learn how you can work with me at:

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