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How do I get “IT” all done? My answer inside…

“How the heck do you get it all done?!” The most common question I’m asked by my tribe and the women in my Mentorship Lab and Love Over Metrics Programs. I had the same question two years ago.

After reading the 4-Hour Workweek, I wanted to live a life of doing work that I cared about, travel the world, and prioritize a feeling of freedom, creativity and service.

But I didn’t see any women who had families living this type of lifestyle.

Being a full time business owner, wife and momma can feel like you’re on a hamster wheel, constantly going and running and chasing after bigger goals and dreams while trying to be present with those that matter the most to you.

While you’re working on your business, you feel guilty that you’re not spending time with your family. But then when you’re with your family, you can’t stop thinking about your work. You feel like you’re not doing enough in all areas of life.

You can easily slip into overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout trying to “do IT all.”

I get it. I’ve tried to chase it all too.

I’m committed to building a business that supports my family without jeopardizing my relationships and my health. I’ve failed, more than once, and learned my lessons along the way.

I’ll share those lessons with you today. In hopes you can avoid some of those common mistakes we can make as ambitious women.

I wouldn’t call it balance. I’d call it focused intention and strategic priorities.

For example, today, I’m writing from Hawai‘i while on a 3-week vacation with my family. I’ve decided to dedicate one half day a week to serve my clients. Yesterday, I had one client coaching call, then a 90-minute Love Over Metrics Office Hours call before heading to the beach with my family.

Instead of trying to do it all, I choose a few things to do really well in life and business.

It’s exactly what I teach my clients. We plan our year ahead in quarters. I learned this from my coach, Jonathan Mead in 2013, and then I learned about the 90 Day Year from Todd Herman in 2015.

Similar philosophies in getting real about how much time we have to help us decide on what’s most important, and what projects get our focus and attention.

They say, “You overestimate what you can do in a year, and you underestimate what you can do in three years.”

Today, I have a business that supports my family and our lifestyle, doing work that lights me up from the inside out, having those impromptu getaways with my family while feeling excited and energized about serving my community.

How do I do it? Support and systems baby!

1. Have a dream + a plan – A common mistake that business owners make is trying to accomplish everything right now. It’s a direct path to burnout for you and your team if you don’t choose your priorities.

Every three months, I create a business quarterly plan that gives me a roadmap for action and focus. I revisit the plan routinely to make sure each project I work on is bringing me closer to my bigger business goals and life vision.

2. Build a dream team – As ambitious, smart women, we think because we can do it all, we should do it all. We forget or feel guilty to ask for help. And then we have an overflowing to do list that never ends and keeps us in a constant feeling of overwhelm.

I’m supported by a team so I’m not doing it solo as a one woman band. I’m clear on my strengths, so I can delegate to a team that compliment my weaknesses. I prioritize my time working on strategies that bring more revenue to the business while my team handles most of the admin and execution (managing my calendar, tech, design, copywriting, etc.). I oversee and review projects instead of creating everything on my own from scratch.

3. Stay Organized – When your mind is constantly dreaming up ideas like mine, it’s easy to get stuck because there are so many things you want to do that you don’t know what to do first. Hello shiny objects and squirrels!

My team and I use Trello and Slack to minimize emails and keep our tasks in order. Because we have a quarterly plan, we’re able to prioritize our tasks and responsibilities so that everyone’s clear on what to do first. My amazing assistant and I review our “Team Meeting” Trello Card every week to stay focused and organized.

3. Get support through Masterminds – So often, we try to take the lone wolf approach to building a business, which can feel really isolating and make you feel like you’re creating in a vacuum. We need feedback and support from others because putting yourself out there is so vulnerable.

You’ve heard me say it again and again, but belonging to masterminds has been everything for me. Yep, that’s plural as in I belong to multiple masterminds. Not only do I lead masterminds, but I also belong to several that support the many parts of who I am. One group meets in person once a year, another meets in person once a month locally, and another group we’re supporting each other through voice and text messages + video Zoom calls. Surrounding yourself with ambitious, like-minded people keeps you inspired and encouraged.

4. Have a coach in your corner – “What got you there won't get you there.” A mistake many entrepreneurs make is jumping into a coaching relationship isn’t the right match. It’s important to do your research and find mentors whose business models and way of doing things aligns with the kind of person and leader you want to be.

Todd Herman has been one of the most significant coaches I’ve had and his 90 Day Program completely changed the way I do business. Even after we grew our business to multiple six figures, I still invested in the 90 Day Year. And then went on to be a part of Todd’s private coaching and group mastermind program that was 15 times more the initial investment of 90 Day Year (and I got that money right back in the first two months of working with Todd).

Todd knows his stuff and over delivers. He’s truly inspiring to watch in action. His program is 100% worth the investment. Doors for his 90 Day Year program are open now (and close this Friday, Dec. 15). If you want to get clear and focused for 2018, click here to learn more about it.

I’m a proud 90 Day Year affiliate and only promote programs I truly believe in. When you sign-up using my affiliate link, you’ll not only get Todd’s amazing bonuses but my bonuses too! A 2-day business workshop in the San Francisco Bay area (valued at $2,000) and free access to my online Build Your Challenge course (valued at $399). Woohoo!

5. Be a lifelong learner – There are some business owners who feel there’s a finish line. That’s where companies get stuck and will hit a plateau. If you want to constantly innovate and be a leader in your industry, you have to constantly learn and master your craft.

I take courses and trainings to continue to master my craft as an online community growth strategist and business mentor. Just remember… you don’t know what you don’t know. And that’s totally okay, just look for the gaps in your knowledge and learn from someone who can help you fill it.

So that’s how I get it all done. I know it’s a long list, but no one is self-made when it comes to building a business. Is there anything in this list, you feel you’re missing in your business? Please reply and let me know.

And if you’re ready to have everything in the list above, check out the 90 Day Year program, it seriously provides tools, resources, strategies and frameworks to build a business with more focus and confidence.

My belief is, “don’t put a timeline on your dreams.” Stay committed to what you want to create and why you want to create it, and be unattached to how or when it will happen. You’ve got this!

Warm hugs,

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