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When will the inner critic shut the h*ck up?!

If you’ve been following me over the past weeks, you’ve had a front row seat to my play by play podcast launch dramedy. 😂 Next week, on Valentine’s Day, my podcast goes live. ❤

Last Friday, I had two major interviews with people up to big things in the world that I truly admire. Tara Mohr, author of Playing Big, graciously agreed to share with the women in my Love Over Metrics™ Program. Everyone read the book and Tara joined us for a live zoom Q&A, allowing us to dig deeper into her playing big concepts. Her answers and guidance were amazing and it was exactly what the women (and I) needed to hear.


The second interview was with my mentor + friend Jonathan Fields. He was the first person I wanted to invite to be a guest on my podcast. I’ve been a part of camp GLP, have been featured in his book and he helped me celebrate my own book being published.

But after the call, I got completely vulnerable. There’s just something about this podcast and putting my voice out there in this way that scares me. Aaahh! When the heck am I going to get over this already?! I’m all about finding magic in the mess, being authentic and being transparent but for some reason, the inner mean girl is in my ear All. The. Time.

When my team and friends asked about the interviews, here was my response.

I’m totally nervous about putting my voice out there in this way. I don’t know why this is so hard for me. I thought it would be easy.

I find my inner mean girl beating myself up. “Did I ask the right questions? Did I do it right? Will people get value?”

I know I’ll get more comfortable with more interviews. I just went really big right out the gate. Which is totally my style. Jump into the deep end. 😂

Does this happen to you? The script that keeps playing on repeat? Thank God for friends who help reign me back in and remember my mantra to take imperfect action. That feeling like this is totally normal and is part of life as an entrepreneur.


On Monday, I got to interview Marie Forleo for my podcast. I was a bit nervous to ask at first (everyone and their mother is probably asking her for interviews) but it was such an easy yes. Love me some Marie! I’m a proud B-school alumni and gained so much goodness from the program. I learned 80% of how to do business online today straight from that program.

The doors to B-school are about to open and I, like many others, are helping Marie spread the word because 1) we believe in it 2) it has changed our lives and businesses and 3) we know it will change yours.

Her B-school free video training series starts today and you can check it out using my special affiliate link. The first video will give you a roadmap of what you need to focus on first, second, and third to launch and grow your business to eliminate overwhelm and keep taking consistent action.

Once the cart opens on Feb. 20th, I’ll send you my unique link if you’re ready to sign up. If you purchase using my link, you’ll get some amazing bonuses that I can't wait to share with you! I’ll be announcing my special bonuses soon, so stay tuned (hint – one of them includes meeting me in person, face to face with an amazing community of like-hearted women).


The podcast interview with Marie went really good. I was much more comfortable. After it was over, I got clarity on what the Lead with Love podcast is really about: making decisions from our heart in business and life even when it doesn’t make sense on paper.

Clarity comes from taking action and getting feedback along the way.

So that’s the latest about what’s going on in my world.

Remembering that we must allow ourselves to S T R E T C H and be uncomfortable. If we don’t, we’ll just stay in the exact same place. Chasing your dreams will require Faith. Courage. Deep breaths. Deep trust. Deep knowing.

Tara Mohr said something that really resonated with me, the idea that playing big has nothing to do with money or budgets or anything external. It’s all about the internal:

Whenever I think about the most playing big things I feel like I‘ve done in my life or in my work, they’re all about how much fear I’m able to tolerate because I wanted something that also made me feel afraid. – Tara Mohr

I so get that and feel that. So here’s to Playing Big. To feeling afraid and moving forward anyway.

Warm hugs,

P.S. Find out what B-school is all about by watching the free video series here. B-school totally schooled me in all things business when I was first starting out and is a worthwhile investment. I pinky promise.

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