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Happy Valentine’s day.

Since this is the day we’re more intentional about sharing the love, I thought today would be the perfect day to share my new podcast with you and the world, Lead with Love.

After weeks and hours of recording, editing, writing and tweaking, I’m really proud of how the podcast came together. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much I enjoyed making it. If you want to see what podcast cover we chose, make sure to check the podcast out in iTunes.

What the Lead with Podcast is all about:

This podcast is about LOVE in business and the leaders who live it.

If you have a desire to use your gifts, do meaningful work, and help people while making a difference in the world, you’ll love the conversations I have coming up –– it will be an organic mix of interviews and solo episodes!

In this podcast we’ll explore what it means to make decisions from your heart, so you can build an engaged community, grow your dream business, and create a vision to reach more people and make a bigger impact.

Together we’ll redefine the metrics of success and lift the veil around topics that intrigue me: creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership, mindset, personal growth and habits.

You can listen to my first three episode below. Let me know what you think and if you love it, please leave an honest review on iTunes and subscribe, so you never miss an episode!

1) Welcome to the Lead with Love podcast

In this short ’n sweet intro episode (10 minutes), I’ll share my vision for this show, why this message matters to me, and an overview of what you can expect as a listener.

FIND full show notes here:

2) “How Did I Get Here?” Jadah's Personal Story with Nikki Elledge Brown

In this first full episode, I get cozy and comfy with my friend and business soul sister Nikki Elledge Brown where she interviews me to unpack my backstory. Nikki asks me some really great questions, so in this episode, you’ll learn:

  • how my entrepreneurial journey started and the various pivots that brought me to this current season of my life
  • why you still need to watch your numbers closely, even when leading with love
  • the experience that opened my eyes to the unlimited possibilities available online and how it led to the amazing success of my first online business
  • how I learned the power of saying “No”, having focus and waiting for a time that feels right

FIND full show notes here:

3) “Loving the Process, Not the Product” with Jonathan Fields

In this episode Jonathan reveals his strategy for building long-term versus chasing trends and how he builds a community without losing the magic. We also have a look at the backlash of the screen and how being “connected” is not the same thing as actually being with somebody. In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What “Leading With Love” looks like to Jonathan and how he puts it into practice in his own life
  • Jonathan’s thoughts on how the online space is shifting and changing the way that we interact with each other
  • The difference between self knowledge and self-awareness – and why it should matter to you
  • Why Jonathan doesn’t identify himself by the things he creates
  • What pulls Jonathan forward and his powerful 3 word mantra!

FIND full show notes here:

Take a listen and if the show resonates with you, let me know what you think by leaving a review. Make sure you subscribe in iTunes because next week, I’ll share an intimate (and fun!) interview with Marie Forleo. She talks about the vicious voice inside her head and how she puts her work out despite that inner voice.

Thanks for being a part of this journey with me.

Warm Hugs,

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