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Tulum, “Friendtors” and The 3 C’s.

Last week, I was in Tulum, Mexico leading a mastermind retreat with the women in my Mentorship Lab™ program. Two of my favorite “Friendtors” Jen Kem and Mary Hyatt joined me (friendtor = super smart friends who are also mentors – term coined by my friend Nikki Elledge Brown).

My heart is so full, I had to take a minute to reflect and share with you why pressing pause in your life to connect with other powerful women is so important for your business and your personal growth.

Jen Kem shared with us, “Be committed, not attached.” We need to be clear on where we want to go, but unattached to how it will happen.

I live by something very similar –– connect to what you want and why you want it, then release and let go of when and how it will happen. You don't have to put a timeline on your dreams.

You can watch the FB live here. I share my thoughts about the 3 C’s and give you a quick tour of where we stayed in Tulum. Having the ocean as a backdrop is such an inspiring place to think, dream and plan.

Celebration + Connection = Clarity.

There is so much magic and power in carving out time to pause and reflect on your wins.

We started our retreat by reflecting on how far we've come in these past 8 months. You can do the same and ask yourself… What have I accomplished? What am I most proud of? Who did I have to be to create those wins?

Many times we get consumed with what we need to do or what we’re not doing, that we forget to honor the accomplishments that we’ve made so far. Celebrating yourself and your efforts along the way is an important practice. The journey should be more enjoyable than the destination.

Through mastermind hot-seats and heart check-ins we were able to pull our collective minds together and hold the container for our visions and dreams. We helped each other see, what we sometimes can’t see in ourselves. Our strengths, our magic, an opportunity that we may overlook.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, introduced the concept of masterminds. He says a 3rd mind is created when at least two minds come together. Collectively we have a greater wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and innovative ideas.

Once you’ve seen where you’ve come and connected to your what and why, your next move starts to get clearer. Your next step comes into focus. Only then, can you dive deep into implementation. One of my client’s aha’s during the retreat was about going deeper, not looking to add more to her “to dream” list.

Sometimes when we’re ambitious women with big dreams, we can create a long list of things we want to do that it becomes overwhelming. It’s easy to keep piling stuff on our plates by doing more and adding more (uhh..yeah, that’s me).

But sometimes it’s not about adding more, it’s about adding depth. Going deeper into what you love to do. Not overcomplicating your business model with a new product or course, but keeping it simple with one overarching product or service that you maximize to bring the highest value to your community.

So those are the 3 C’s I focus on with the women in my Mentorship Lab™ and Love Over Metrics™ programs. That’s why connecting in person, heart to heart is so special.

Once we celebrate and connect, we have clarity to see the next right steps for our lives and businesses. Once you have clarity, you can move into action with confidence.

So, what are your thoughts about the 3 C’s? Let me know over in this thread.

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