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The Push & Pull of Loving What You Do

When I tap into the collective right now, people are exhausted. 

I’m having conversations with my clients and close friends, and I see that there is a desire for deep rest and recovery from a very full year. 

And it makes sense because we were so excited to gather with our loved ones again. But that also made for an extra social, overly committed season with a lot of activities.

We rallied to show up for our businesses; we rallied to show up for our families. But most likely, we didn’t rally to show up for ourselves.

Or maybe you got sick and it was forced rest, not intentional, guilt-free rest. So now, you need a vacation from your vacation.

I invite you to release any guilt if you’re in this season of exhaustion and overwhelm. What I know is building an anti-hustle business and life is a practice, not a quick fix.

It’s typical for us to have push seasons, but that also means we need rest seasons. I cover these topics in my book She Builds in chapter 11 “Refill Your Well” and chapter 12, “Embrace Your Pace.” 

That’s why I’m excited for you to meet Andrea who is juggling motherhood and being her own boss as a seasoned entrepreneur and author. 

If you’ve ever found yourself juggling motherhood as an entrepreneur, you’ll feel less alone in episode 199 of the Lead with Love podcast.

In this episode, I talk to published author and life coach, Andrea Owen, who shares her own journey of what it has looked like to balance being a parent, building a business, and writing books.

We explore the push and pull between loving what you do while also navigating being a caregiver in your home.   

The Push & Pull of Loving What You Do

Andrea Owen is an author, global speaker, and professional certified life coach who helps high-achieving women maximize unshakeable confidence, and master resilience.

She has taught hundreds of thousands of women tools and strategies to be able to empower themselves to live their most kick-ass life.

She’s a Certified Daring Way™️ Facilitator; a modality based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, and she’s also the host of the Make Some Noise podcast, with over 3 million downloads. I also had an opportunity to be a guest on her show. 

What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!):

» How Andrea learned that she needed to lead with intentional kindness, and what this meant to her

» The behind-the-scenes timeline of a seasoned entrepreneur, and the way Andrea transitioned to be more of an “official” coach while also juggling motherhood

» A goal-setting process and the markers that you can use to gauge your progress as an entrepreneur (especially if you’re a mom)

» A closer look at how Andrea managed childcare at the beginning while building her business

» Andrea shares her book writing process and the different promotion approaches she used for all three of her books

» A recent health diagnosis that Andrea has received and how this has impacted the way she shows up in her work

You can find the full show notes from this episode over at

Check out the episode on Apple or Spotify (or wherever you listen to podcasts). As you’re listening, take a screenshot, share your favorite takeaway and send me a message on Instagram @jadahsellner.

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