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The one unique advantage I have as a business owner

My Lead with Love podcast is out in the world!

It feels so good to dream about something then DO IT.

I've been a big dreamer all my life. I started my first business on Kauai with no college degree (I have 60+ college units, but didn't even finish my Associates Degree).

I have this story in my head (even still today) that I don't finish things.

But right now I know that's not true.

I'm a curious, life-long learner.

I dream and learn about things. Then I get in the real world and test them. #imperfectaction

We can think, plan, study, observe, discuss but nothing beats getting on your feet and gaining real world experience.

I was 25 years old with a toddler at my hip when I wrote up my first business plan and shared it with my mom and bonus dad.

The business plan I wrote looked nothing like the business I built.

The number projections I made looked nothing like the money I made.

I have a lot of real world experience in a lot of different areas in business and life that I can share with my friends and clients.

I used to see being a “jack of all trades, master of none” as a weakness of mine. But now I see it's a strength.

It's the one unique advantage I have as a business owner and mentor. I'm not afraid to try. And then try again.

I've now been an entrepreneur for 9 years.

And the same peanut gallery of fears, doubts and insecurities come up when I'm creating something new to share with the world. But I DREAM & DO it anyway. ✨

This weekend, if you're serious about going after your dreams and building a business, I’d love for you to binge watch on a business training series created by my own online business mentor, Marie Forleo. She only shares these three videos once a year during a very small window of time.

This will take you less than than 2 hours to watch (That’s just 2 episodes of This is US!)

Total binge time: 1 hour, 48 minutes

If you need a little motivation to commit to watching the videos above, check out this 5-minute interview I did with Marie after I first finished B-School in 2013. B-School truly changed the direction of my business and life, and I’d love for you to have that too.

Join a community of heart-lead business leaders

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1. The first 20 people that sign up with me, will also get free access to my online Build Your Challenge course, everything you need to create, promote, and launch your tribe building challenge, so you can grow your e-mail list with love and service (valued at $399).

2. 2-Day Business Event. I’m excited to gift everyone that joins the B-school using my personal affiliate link, a free two day in person Love Over Metrics Women’s Business Circle event in the San Francisco Bay area (valued at $1,600). This bonus is only for female entrepreneurs (sorry fellas!) and will be 2 days of business training, planning and connecting with a supportive community that will encourage and inspire you.

It’s time to DO THE DREAM!

Warm hugs,

P.S. Right now Marie is offering a free scholarship to those who are interested in her B-School program. I highly encourage you apply (applications close on Feb. 19). Most of the women I coach and mentor have gone through this foundational business course before working with me.

P.P.S. Next week I’ll share my Lead with Love podcast interview with Marie, along with my B-School bonus for those who join through my unique affiliate link.

As a happy B-School grad, I proudly share this program and will receive a commission if you join through me.

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