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“The know, love and trust Factor”

Today, I’m excited to share my latest podcast episode with you!

But first, I want to celebrate making green smoothies in my daughter’s classroom. On Monday, my husband, daughter, and I left the house 20 minutes earlier, so we could blend up our favorite recipe from my Simple Green Smoothies book, Beginner’s Luck.

A big dream of mine has been to build a business with my daughter by my side. And when my daughter’s 5th grade teacher asked if we could make green smoothies as a healthy snack for their testing week, my husband and I said, “yes!”

What motivates me to build and grow an online business is the flexibility and freedom I have in my schedule. Because my husband and I both run our own businesses, we’re able to volunteer in our daughter’s classroom, and be present for those smaller moments in life that bring us so much joy.

I'm so curious why do you want to build your business? What drives you to show up for your work on a day to day basis?

The Know, Love and Trust Factor

“We have never been more connected as a human race as we are today, but we’ve also never been more disconnected.”


“Become Somebody's Favorite”

In episode 112 Chris shares his process of building a personal brand by becoming “somebody’s favorite” and gives us a peek inside his newest book The Rise of the Youpreneur. He also talks about wanting to make a difference by helping others – and the “scandalous” story that goes with this. Plus, Chris shares why you don’t need a huge following now to make a true impact online and the importance of paying it forward by always honoring your mentors

FIND full show notes here:

I’m also a keynote speaker at Chris’ live event this year –– join me in London Nov 3-5, 2018! I’ll be talking about building your community and how to lead with love in life and business, You can grab your tickets at I’d love to meet you face to face.

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