Following Feelings Over Formulas

Today, I’m excited to share a solo episode with you. It’s inspired by my weekly yoga class I go to on Monday nights led by one of my best friends, Michelle Long at The Practice for Women.

I personally struggle to get my body moving on a consistent basis. And getting out of the house after dinner feels like a battle with my body and mind. I loooooove living in my head with all of my ideas about the future. But we all need a moment to pause and to connect to our body’s wisdom.

This Monday night ritual is not another yoga class for me, I call it my BODY CHURCH. I wrote my intention for my weekly practice on the classroom wall, “communion with my body.” And today’s episode is all about that… quieting the mental chatter of our minds, so we can listen and trust our bodies to do what it already knows how to do.

In episode 113 I talk about following your feelings over formulas. I believe there is a call (especially if you’re stepping into leadership) for us to release the “training wheels” of formulas, templates, and checklists.

Check out episode 113, Following Feelings Over Formulas here.

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