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Ready to rock 2018 in the FIRST 90 DAYS? (Plus 2 special bonuses from me)

Todd Herman (my business coach + mentor that I told you about last week) just opened the doors to his 90 Day Year Program today!

I’m a proud 90 Day year alumni so I’m bubbling with excitement for what this could do for you and your business. If you’re an entrepreneur with big ambitions who’s ready to rock out 2018 with more focus and clarity, then listen up.

When I was ready to reach the next level in business, I plugged myself into the 90 Day Year System.

And this is what happened…

We applied the exact same frameworks, models and “mental software” that Olympians, Fortune 100 CEO’s and high level entrepreneurs use to make big leaps in their businesses and lives. And we got HUGE results.

I worked with Todd for 12 months, and in the first two months, in one of my companies we reduced our monthly business expenses from $30,000 a month to $15,000 a month. It was an entirely new way of thinking and it skyrocketed our business in so many ways,

If you’re tired of falling into the same old same old — procrastination, distraction and the comparison trap — then it’s time to do things differently and focus your time and energy working on your business, not in your business to create the momentum and growth you desire.

Following the 90 Day Year program will guide you to take consistent daily action with more confidence and clarity… knowing that EVERYTHING you do is perfectly aligned with the game changing, world-changing projects that will grow your business.

Here’s why you need to check this out today:

1. The way Todd loves up on his clients and customers is world class. Just watching how he over delivers and serves the people who invest in his programs is a lesson in elite entrepreneurship in itself. I seriously learn so much from him. He leverages an online business for global reach + impact and still creates personal high touch moments.

2. Bonuses galore! Todd likes to reward quick to take action people, so check out the time-sensitive bonuses here. And there’s more… woot woot!

3. 2-Day Business Event. I’m excited to gift everyone that joins the 90 Day year program using my personal affiliate link, a free two day in person Love Over Metrics Women’s Business Circle event in the San Francisco Bay Area (valued at $2,000). This bonus is only for female entrepreneurs (sorry fellas!) and will be 2 days of hot seats, business planning and connecting with a business community that will encourage and inspire you.

I can’t wait to connect heart-to-heart with ambitious women, who are passionate about leading with love in business and making a positive impact on the world. You don’t want to miss this!

And here’s one more for those who are ready to take imperfect action now…

The first 20 people that sign up with me, will also get free access to my online Build Your Challenge course, everything you need to create, promote, and launch your tribe building challenge.

So that’s it.

Check out what the 90 Day Year program is all about, what you will learn and what you will have access to… I’ve seen the results firsthand so I know. Michele on my team will be joining and I’m taking a refresher course!

…And if you join, you’ll get my sweet bonuses too 🙂

Warm hugs,

P.S. I’m a proud promotional partner of Todd Herman’s 90-Day Year program. So if you decide to purchase 90-Day Year through my unique affiliate link, I’ll receive a commission too. As you know, I only promote programs and products, that I’ve personally used and believe in.

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