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Rich in purpose with Nicole Walters

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Have you ever found yourself feeling like you’re rich in purpose but your bank account doesn’t reflect that? If you want more commas in your bank account while staying intentional and aligned with your purpose, this episode is for you.

In episode 126 of the Lead with Love podcast, I get cozy with Nicole Walters. By age 28, Nicole was a highly-paid executive at a Fortune 500 company, managing multibillion dollar accounts.

She quit her corporate job live on Periscope in front of 10,000 people because her job was feeding her family, but not her soul.

Nicole was able to build a steady, seven-figure gig on her own terms by opening her own private business and product development consulting firm, The Monetized Life. She now teaches everyday entrepreneurs how to earn “passive income” through her wildly popular online course, 1K1Day at NicoleWalters.tv

“I’m a big believer in putting out your divine intention and throwing things out into the world before God and hoping they come to fruition.”

– Nicole Walters

What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!)

  • Why Nicole works so hard to operate with intentionality and how she is able to do it [6:23]
  • Her path to her corporate career and the events in her personal life that changed it all [10:28]
  • The biggest fears she faced as she became an entrepreneur and the way her husband was able to support this move [11:20]
  • What those first few years in business looked like [14:58] and Nicole’s strategy for marketing her first online product [17:57]
  • The two books that impacted her the most and what each one confirmed for Nicole [19:28]
  • What her community of “rich friends” is all about – and it’s not just money [23:22]
  • The pricing strategy Nicole uses for her signature 1 K 1 Day program and the reasoning behind it [25:27]
  • What “showing up” looks like and why it’s something that’s necessary for entrepreneurs to do [28:18]
  • Nicole’s approach to her online visibility and her privacy considerations [33:13]
  • The ways she’s increasing representation both on her team and in her community [43:12]
  • Her dreams, wishes and what she’s working towards every single day [47:23]

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Key Quotes:

  • “I’m a big believer in putting out your divine intention and throwing things out into the world before God and hoping they come to fruition.” [5:09]
  • “Look at the whole person, so we’re not just looking at people as numbers.” [7:10]
  • “Obviously there’s no way that you’re going to transition from something that you know to something that’s unknown without having some of that fear there.” [12:20]
  • “All the most successful people in the world are great storytellers. They have great stories and they know how to leverage them in their business and in their lives. That’s what I do well; I tell stories.” [22:21]
  • “I’m a big believer that we’re all wealthy. We’re all just working on the bank account part.” [23:28]
  • “Because I grew up really poor, I understand what it’s like to look in from the outside, know that I have potential, and not have things accessible to me.” [25:36]
  • “I believe in automating systems and processes all day; I don’t believe in automating relationships.” [28:46]
  • “It’s a blessing to be someone who gets to break down that door and then also hold it open for the women behind me.” [43:29]

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