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Exploring identity, privilege and power with Trudi LeBron

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In episode 125 of the Lead with Love podcast, I have a powerful conversation with Trudi Lebron, the co-host of That’s Not How That Works podcast.

In my episode with Pamela Slim we talked about designing programs with marginalized communities in mind, I thought it would be great to have Trudi share how to build equitable practices into our work as leaders, so that we build in a way that’s meant to serve everyone.

Trudi D. Lebron is a coach for entrepreneurs and leaders who want to use their work to create more equity, sustainability, and community in the world. Her combination of life, work, and academic experiences give her a unique blend of tools that she uses to support people in finding ways to learn to see the world with an equity lens and overcome some of the most challenging circumstances.

Today we’re exploring identity, privilege and power and how we as leaders can create a safe space for the communities that we serve.

“I started to really learn the difference between saying that you accept everyone and building processes that are really meant to serve everyone.”


What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!)

  • The best way we can show each other love [6:06]
  • The expectations placed on Trudi as a teen mom of two children and the story going on inside her own head at this time [6:50]
  • Who helped show her the possibilities of her life and the amazing accomplishments she has achieved [10:20]
  • Why content has to be adjusted in order to resonate with different audiences [15:35]
  • How Trudi applies her academic background to the work she does now, and the surprises she’s discovered along the way [18:02]
  • The ways coaches can build equality for all into their work [20:50]
  • How diversity and equity differ [26:35]
  • What barriers exist in the world today and how we can start lowering them [29:13]
  • Trudi’s favorite tools for building environments where all people can feel safe, and thrive, and the work she’s done around this [36:20]
  • Her advice for people using public platforms to share political beliefs [43:31]
  • Trudi’s “Why” and the vision for the world she is moving towards right now [47:50]

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Key Quotes:

  • “Fortunately for me, the same kind of personality traits that got me in an awful lot of trouble when I was a little kid were the things that kind of saved me as I got older.” [9:08]
  • “I believed in myself. I knew that there was something in me that had to come out, and I was just relentless.” [9:55]
  • “A decision or circumstance doesn’t define the totality of someone’s life.” [12:05]
  • “I started to really learn the difference between saying that you accept everyone and building processes that are really meant to serve everyone.” [17:25]
  • “I see coaching as this transformational experience that can really help people move past all kinds of obstacles and just see different possibilities.” [21:08]
  • “Everyone has biases. You can be biased to pizza over macaroni and cheese. It’s not good or bad; it’s just a thing.” [24:25]
  • “Equity is about starting to understand what the barriers to entry are for all people so that your pool of potential candidates is just naturally diverse.” [27:20]
  • “I think it’s important that people have safe spaces to just ask anything and really be met with love and compassion.” [37:18]
  • “It’s important to me that when people hire me and work with me, that they know where I stand.” [45:00
  • “I want to live in a world where people’s outcomes aren’t predetermined by their demographics.” [48:07]

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