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Remembering & reigniting our sacred dreams with Dr. Tererai Trent

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Are you ready to own your sacred dream that is for the betterment of your community? If you have personal goals, but you know you have a dream that is bigger than yourself, that is full of purpose and service, then this episode is for you.

In episode 140 of the Lead with Love podcast and in today’s conversation, I get cozy with Oprah’s “favorite guest of all time” Dr. Tererai Trent. We talk about the baton of poverty, rituals, and love.

Dr. Trent is one of the world’s most acclaimed voices for women’s empowerment and quality education She is the founder of Tererai Trent International, an educator and motivational speaker.

She has published two highly acclaimed children’s books and is the author of the award winning, The Awakened Woman – Remembering & Reigniting Our Sacred Dreams. Tererai serves as the president of The Awakened Woman, LLC, a company dedicated to empowering women with tools to thrive as they achieve their dreams.

“I truly believe that the awakening of women is really the healing of the world.”


What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!)

  • [4:47] The type of leadership we should all want in the world today
  • [7:37] Tererai’s experiences growing up not being allowed access to education and why she feels that education is so key for current and future generations
  • [10:17] Her dreams as a young child and the inspiration for her knowing that she could achieve them
  • [18:53] Why Tererai calls her 5th dream the “Sacred Dream” and how she is striving to create more education for young girls and boys worldwide
  • [24:57] Her favorite rituals that help her stay connected to her dreams and why she feels rituals are needed for all of us
  • [28:02] The journey of writing her own book and releasing her message, including the challenges she faced
  • [30:27] What breaks Tererai’s heart today
  • [38:32] Her current dream and the powerful call to action for all of us that can help her achieve it

Resources + links mentioned:

» Dr. Tererai Trent

» The Awakened Woman by Tererai Trent

» The Awakened Woman Lessons

» Connect with Tererai on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube!

» Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof

Key Quotes:

  • “I truly think that leading with love is the key to our leadership, and especially for women’s leadership.” [3:39]
  • “Education is all about dignity” [8:24]
  • “I was desperate and I wanted to get out of this poverty. I wanted to redefine my life to have a different life altogether, to make sure that I was not going to pass on that baton to my own girls.” [16:21]
  • “It’s as though the Universe is always there to connive for our success.” [19:41]
  • “I can do visualization because I’m a dreamer. I’m always dreaming.” [25:14]
  • “Writing a book can be challenging, but it can also be part of our healing.” [28:04]
  • “I truly believe that the awakening of women is really the healing of the world.” [31:00]

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