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#BTS: Behind the scenes of my next book part 3

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Are you curious about all the things that go into writing a book and pouring your heart onto the page?

In this episode, I get cozy with my friend and personal book coach, Azul Terronez, host of the top writing podcast Authors Who Lead™. We’re having another behind-the-scenes conversation about my book writing process (and Azul’s process too). You can listen to part one of our conversation here at jadahsellner.com/156 and part two at jadahsellner.com/179 to get caught up.

Azul helps authors, entrepreneurs and leaders write and publish books that people love, so they can reach more people, grow their brand, and share their message in an authentic way. He’s been called a book whisperer.

Azul walks his talk because his TEDx talk “What Makes a Good Teacher Great” has been viewed over 2.7 million times. Azul’s clients have included Wall Street Bestseller, Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income Podcast, Jadah Sellner co-founder Simple Green Smoothies (that’s me!) and Dana Malstaff the founder of Boss-mom.

“The biggest mistake I see authors make is thinking that they have to be perfect.”


What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!)

  • Azul’s journey of writing a book and coming up with the BE W.I.L.D. framework
  • Why it’s key to give yourself the time and space to allow the pages of your writing to rest and breathe
  • Azul’s tips for finding the right core message to teach the reader of your book
  • Why we write as if we’re proving something to someone and learning a different way to approach writing a book
  • What is really holding authors and would be authors back from writing a great book that impacts others
  • The single biggest mistake the Azul sees authors making today

Resources + links mentioned:

» Authors Who Lead

» Azul’s TEDx Talk, What makes a good teacher great? 

» The Art of Apprenticeship: How to Hack Your Way into Any Industry, Land a Kick-Ass Mentor, and Make A Killing Doing What You Love by Azul Terronez

» The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level by Gay Hendricks 

» How to Help Your Anxious Teen: Discovering the Surprising Sources of Their Worries and Fears by Jessica Thompson

» Lead with Love #156: #BTS: Behind the scenes of my next book part 1

» Lead with Love #145: Writing a book that changes you first with Azul Terronez

» NaNoWriMo

Key Quotes:

  • “Just because you wrote a draft for a manuscript, it doesn’t mean it is the book. It just means that you finished the manuscript, and it is now time to figure out what the book is.” [9:18]
  • “You have to keep the message so simple that the complexity comes from their thinking.” [18:20]
  • “What is the role of the teacher? I am trying to challenge them to say that the role of the teacher is to be the servant of the student, and to listen carefully.” [20:30]
  • “A great teacher has never been defined by kids as someone who knows everything or is perfect or is better than somebody else.” [28:55]
  • “The biggest mistake I see authors make is thinking that they have to be perfect.” [49:46]

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