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Embracing rejection as redirection with Amber Rae

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What do you do when things don’t work out the way you expected? The answer from today’s guest: Embracing Rejection as Redirection. In this episode, I dive deeper into what that means for Amber Rae, the published author of: Choose Wonder over Worry.

Now in my Love Over Metrics mastermind I lead a group of creative entrepreneurs (you can find out more about this business growth incubator at loveovermetrics.com). And a big question that comes up inside our group is how do you manage your expectations of success and setbacks?

And what I love about Amber Rae is she truly leans into this question through her curiosity with experiments –– not always knowing what the outcome will be on the other side. And one of those experiments we talk about, and it’s actually how she got her book deal.

Amber Rae is an author, artist, and speaker whose work invites you to live your truth and connect with your emotions. Her public art has spread to more than 20 countries and her personal stories and online musings has reached more than 5 million people in 195 countries.

She's also spoken to and collaborated with brands like Kate Spade, Apple, Amazon, and Unilever. Amber has been featured in The New York Times, TIME, Fast Company, Tim Ferriss' the four hour workweek blog, and many, many more.

You’re going to love this conversation with Amber Rae. We talk about anxiety in the workplace where she shares a powerful exercise that you can use right away. We also talk about how to manage our fears when it comes to disappointing others, how she decides what (and how much) to share on social media, and how to make space for play. So let’s get cozy!

“I’m actually to the point where I’m aiming for rejection, in a way, because I know it’s just going to bring me closer to my people.”


What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!)

  • A period of Amber’s life where she wasn’t acting from a place of love, and how her core principles developed because of this [5:12]
  • How she helps others with anxiety in the workplace and what this work looks like [9:03]
  • The way Amber manages her fear around disappointing others [15:52]
  • How she decides what (and how much) to share on social media [20:05]
  • What magic happened when Amber fully embraced that she was an artist and the challenges she’s faced pursuing her career in the arts [24:52]
  • The intention behind her global project, The World We Want [28:42]
  • Amber’s advice for others on how to bust through the doors of opportunity [33:18]
  • What she does to make space for play in her life [37:22]

Resources + links mentioned:

» Amber Rae

» Her new book! Choose Wonder Over Worry by Amber Rae

» The World We Want

» Connect with Amber Rae on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

» Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon

Key Quotes:

  • “If it’s not an act of love, why do it at all?” [5:02]
  • “I found that sometimes I have to not listen to really discover what listening truly looks like.” [6:31]
  • “Emotions can be a great creative fuel.” [14:47]
  • “Ultimately I feel like it’s our mission to live and wake up and speak from our place of truth.” [16:32]
  • “I find it difficult to capture the moment and be in the moment at the same time.” [21:26]
  • “I knew I loved to write. It didn’t actually occur to me until I was 30 that I could actually make money through writing.” [26:56]
  • “What are the 5 asks you can make this week that are slightly uncomfortable, but that are super-direct and targeted? [34:16]
  • “We’re all creating something. Life is an act of creation.” [38:15]
  • “I’m actually to the point where I’m aiming for rejection, in a way, because I know it’s just going to bring me closer to my people.” [51:54]

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