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Have you ever found yourself wondering if you have what it takes to step into that next level of leadership in your business, especially when it comes to growing your community and team while raising a family? If you want a real and honest conversation about the behind the scenes of entrepreneurship, this episode is for you.

You’re listening to episode 119 of the Lead with Love podcast and in today’s conversation, I get cozy with my dear friend and fellow community builder, Jill Stanton.

Jill is the co-founder of Screw The Nine To Five—her and her husband, Josh’s slice of the internet where they help entrepreneurs build more attention to their brands, make more money in their business and get more out of their life through simple strategies, how to’s and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the realities of building a business online.

“Giving yourself the permission to just learn as you go and make the judgment call for you at that time, that gives me so much peace.”


What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!)

  • The one skill that Jill is working on now that is helping her become a more effective leader and show love to others [7:35]
  • A challenging situation she’s had as leader and the person she really looks up to for leadership inspiration[11:13]
  • How Screw the Nine to Five is building their team now and the types of people that they’re hiring [12:06]
  • What proved to Jill that money could be made online and the important role that her husband Josh played in this [13:40]
  • The ways that she serves her “new” Screw The 9-5 community in a way that’s aligned with their business [14:50]
  • An “oops” moment that Jill had to own and what it showed her [26:19]
  • What’s been surprising about motherhood and business [33:15]
  • What a typical day at home looks like for her (pre and post-baby) [36:20]
  • What roles each person in their business takes on and why she realized they need to each work in their own zones of genius [39:20]
  • Jill and Josh’s first launch and the powerful lessons she took from it [40:37]
  • Why Jill loves affiliate marketing so much and the reasons they now presell everything they offer [46:07]
  • Her experiences running a membership community [50:50] and the shifts she’s choosing to make now to establish more boundaries in her life [56:50]

Resources + links mentioned:

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» Screw the Nine to Five Community

» Join Screw U

» Screw the Nine to Five Podcast

» Love: The Secret to Money Mindset with Denise Duffield-Thomas

Key Quotes:

  • “We’ve been through the ringer with our team, because I feel like we didn’t really know how to run one when we were first starting out.” [8:41]
  • “To me, communities are all about connection and they’re all about engagement.” They’re not about numbers.” [15:25]
  • “Hard calls usually feel like the best ones in the end.” [18:56]
  • “Giving yourself the permission to just learn as you go and make the judgment call for you at that time, that gives me so much peace.” [21:16]
  • “So we each own our own role, and that allows us to stay single-focused and get things done even faster than if we were winging it.” [40:02]
  • “One of my strong suits I believe is resilience. I believe I can bounce back pretty quickly after I’m over something.” [44:35]
  • “I love the feeling of momentum. I think it’s an entrepreneur’s oxygen.” [45:41]
  • “Once you start making that money, there’s so many other layers to this whole journey.” [60:56]

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