The podcast episodes below are about LOVE in business and the leaders who live it. We’ll explore what it means to make decisions from your heart, so you can build an engaged community, grow your dream business, and reach more people to make a bigger impact.

“The Freedom Mindset” with Alexandra Jimenez

How do you balance your personal definition of success while building a seven figure business, growing a team, nurturing a community, and taking care of your customers? This is the question we lean into as we talk about self compassion as an entrepreneur, the freedom mindset, and finding fulfillment. In this episode, I get cozy […]

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“How to Stand in the Fire” with Jadah Sellner

How do you stand in the fire before your vision becomes a reality? If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable sitting in the unknown, but know there’s a next chapter that’s ready to unfold, this episode of the Lead with Love podcast is for you. In this solo episode, I’ll share some practical strategies on how to […]

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“Permission to Dream” with Giovanni Marsico

What if we gave ourselves permission to dream? What if we allowed ourselves to create an epic vision that seems impossible? Today, we talk about claiming the word dreamer, the importance of finding people like you, and the magic that goes behind hosting live events. In this episode I get cozy with my friend and […]

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“The Art of Growing a Business” with Meri Cherry

How do you prepare yourself to step into a leadership role, make decisions from a place of abundance over fear, pause to celebrate your wins, spend time with your family and rest? If sometimes you feel you can’t see the forest through the trees when you’re so in your business, this episode is for you. […]

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“Building Deeper Friendships” with Jadah Sellner

How do you cultivate deeper, stronger, more meaningful relationships in your life? I get asked this question a lot, especially when people choose the unconventional path of being a business owner. As founders, we can feel very isolated and lonely at times. And as humans, we have a deep desire to build a supportive community […]

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