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Permission to slow down and hibernate

Are you feeling the call to shut it all down for the year? And yet there’s a lot to do (and a lot you want to do, but might not get to).

Last week I was in creative mania mode trying to close all of the open loops of to do’s, so I could fully be present for this holiday season. My post its were everywhere. My desktop was a wild mess (#screenshotsfordays). And… All. Of. The. Tabs. were OPEN.

When we put a lot of effort and energy into our big plans and visions, what do we do when it doesn’t all get done in the timeline we were expecting? How do we create space, grace and compassion to pause and replenish ourselves anyway?

This is your permission slip…

…to hang your “out of office” sign, slow down and hibernate. I snapped a morning selfie while writing this to you –– to show you my haven’t been waxed in months eyebrows + messy hair, don’t care vibes. I know my husband is TIRED of my quarantine uniform.

My last day of client calls, managing my team and putting the finishing touches on my rebrand (new website and new photos are coming in January 2021!) was Friday, December 18th. So I’m into day 5 of full on hibernation, snuggle by the Christmas tree mode.

For me hibernation doesn’t just mean massages, and Netflix and bubble baths (but yes please to all of that!). It also means I get to review and reflect on what the past year has taught me.

Slow down to reflect

This is my favorite time of year. Where I get to pause and celebrate what I’ve accomplished, highlight some lessons of what’s working and what’s not working, and look forward to exciting ways I’ll play + serve in the New Year. I talk about my end of the year process here.

For all of us, 2020 has brought up so many hard things, wave after wave, never getting a chance to breathe or recover from the last. It’s also been a year of resilience, redirection and rebirth. It’s the year where one of my biggest dreams, one I’ve had for many years, has finally become a reality. Can’t wait to share that with you soon.

As you prepare to say goodbye to 2020 next week, take some time to reflect on how you’ll create, innovate, and dream in 2021. And to give you some inspiration, I wanted to share the last 3 episodes of the Lead with Love podcast Season 3. The first with one of my best friends, Nikki Elledge Brown, the second with my husband George, and the last is a solo episode that’s all about slowing down before rushing into what's next.

Refining Your EFF Management System

When things feel stressful or not enjoyable, and you’re feeling guilt around not getting something done, check back in with your values.


Create a simple and inspired life on your terms without guilt. In this convo with my biz BFF Nikki Elledge Brown, you’ll learn how to manage your expectations, identify your priorities, nurture relationships, and stay focused on what matters most.

Listen here:

Follow Your Bliss

“Time is limited, so what do we do with it? Can we make this life everything that we dream of, or at least strive to go for those things?


Follow your bliss without destroying your most important relationships in the process. My husband and I share the highs and lows of starting and closing businesses, how we made it through hard times, and some simple practices we do to stay connected to each other and our personal dreams.

Listen here:

Balance Your Ambition with Deep Rest, Play & Stillness

“I really wanted to heal the artist within me and unleash her, because I didn’t realize how dormant the creative in me has been for so many years.


I’m closing out season 3 with a solo about balancing your ambition with deep rest, play and stillness. If you find yourself feeling unsettled, disorganized, and on edge, and you know you need to sloooooowwwww down, then this episode is for you.

Listen here:

So get cozy, grab your blanket and a cup of tea/apple cider/hot cocoa/eggnog and listen to these episodes that are near and dear to my heart.

Wishing you and your family so much love and joy in this holiday season.

“See” you in 2021!

Warm hugs,

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