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A call to trust your body’s wisdom

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all of the options coming at you for a better you, a better business, a better plan in 2021? I know we’d all like a reset, so we can shake 2020 off as quickly as possible.

But I still need to put my Christmas tree up, watch all of the holiday movies, fill my belly with hot cocoa + egg nog, and just be present with my loved ones. This was (and still is) an intense year, and yet we keep going, going, going.

We need to stop the race and pause for a moment.

Take a breath.

Deep inhale.

Then exhale.

Slow it down.

All of these planners, end of year workshops, #newyear #newyou challenges, best year ever goal setting masterclasses, habit hacks have us going down a consumption rabbit hole.

The constant consuming, learning, listening to every podcast, course, training before the end of the year is a symptom of something deeper. Feeling like something is missing. Feeling like we’re not enough… not doing enough… not worthy enough.

What if you slow down, tune into your body and realize that all of this noise is feeding the part of you that wants to be validated, safe, and loved.

How can we stop chasing the external proof that we’re doing enough and spend more time tending to ourselves and our bodies? How can we make ourselves feel more validated, safe and loved without proving and doing more, more, more?

It's really easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing to achieve success. You start to think the only way to make the impact you want to make is to work harder and longer than anyone else. #NotTrue

Working until you're exhausted where you have nothing left to give is not how you show up for what really matters most.

A Call to Trust Your Body’s Wisdom

“It's really about creating maps for people, so that they can interpret their own body's wisdom.”


If you feel a call to trust your body’s wisdom in a deeper way, without allowing your mind to override your intuition, then my most recent conversation on the Lead with Love® podcast is for you. We cover a wide range of being wild and whole humans, how to have courageous conversations, navigating friendships while we untame ourselves.

In this episode, I get cozy with my friend Elizabeth DiAlto.

Known for her raw, honest, and grounded approach to self-help and spirituality, Elizabeth DiAlto specializes in helping women embody self love, healing, wholeness, and liberation. Her body of work has evolved out of 12+ years of experience across several fields including: Fitness, Self-Help, Wellness, Spirituality, Coaching, Personal Development, and Healing

Elizabeth is the creator of Wild Soul Movement and the Wild Soul Archetypes Quiz (at, founder of The Institute for EMBODIED Living, and host of the EMBODIED podcast – which has been downloaded over 3 million times.

What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!):

  • A breakdown of Elizabeth’s Courageous Conversation Framework
  • Her advice for effective communication and the impact it has with others
  • The meaning of “embodied living” and how to express it
  • Examples of times when Elizabeth experienced direct knowing and listened to her
    body’s wisdom, and the ways that you can start to pay attention to your own signals
  • The difference between womanhood and femininity
  • What the 6 archetypes of Elizabeth’s quiz are, and a big realization I had after getting my results

FIND full show notes here:

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