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Owning the true expression of who we are… a soulful lead with love interview with Sarah Jenks

You’re going to looovvveee this convo with my good friend Sarah Jenks on the Lead with Love podcast. Sarah and I met back in 2013 in the B-school Facebook Group. Since then, we’ve become super close sharing our lives beyond business.

Sarah is an essential part of why I’ve been able to deepen my relationships with girlfriends over the last few years. In today’s episode, Sarah shares one of her secrets to building close friendships – I didn’t even know about her approach… it’s GENIUS!

I not only mastermind with Sarah about business, I also go on an annual girls trip to celebrate + embrace the messiness and magic of life. Next month, we’ll be spending time together in Miami – her last trip before she gives birth to her third child.

We’ve had tons of convos about business, parenting, money, and marriage. So this is your chance to be a fly on the wall and listen in on the real unfiltered talk that happens behind closed doors.

Owning the True Expression of Who We are

“Now that I feel I have such a clear connection with my soul and who I truly am, I’m creating work around that.”


In episode 106 of Lead with Love, Sarah talks about transitions, overwhelm, falling apart, motherhood and so much more! Find out what happens when we give ourselves permission to fall apart and how to rebuild from a place of magic and nature, and owning the true expression of who we are.

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