You deserve to

love your life


Do you ever wonder, what’s enough?

I’ve just wrapped up an amazing one day quarterly planning workshop with the women in my Love Over Metrics Mastermind. The weekend before, I led a visionary retreat with my 1:1 mentorship clients.

Being in community with these ambitious, big-hearted, service minded women fills me up to the top and there’s nothing I love more than laughing, dancing and strategizing with women who are leading with love in business and life.

As ambitious women, we want to build a business that aligns with our values, right? We want deep and intimate relationships, to feel fulfilled on a soul level, and do the work we’re called to do, to rock our CEO hat and run a profitable and sustainable business with an amazing team that’ll keep things running smoothly while we …

  • serve our community
  • travel the world
  • speak on international stages
  • unplug and spend time with family
  • volunteer in our child’s classroom
  • mastermind with our business soul sisters

Yes, ALL. OF. THAT. please! Bills paid. Present with our loved ones. Doing what lights us up!

But what's holding you back from actually making that happen? I've seen so many entrepreneurs burnout and get stuck in a cycle of overwhelm and fear chasing a definition of success that is not their own. Are we asking for what we really, really want?

We deserve the life and business we want. And this is attainable if you're willing to put people first, commit to your dreams, stay focused, and have a clear plan that works for you.

But we can’t just wish and pray for everything we want to happen, we need to press pause and create space for them to exist in our lives.

We constantly push and compare and drive forward. We need to slow down to speed up. Take that breath and ask ourselves, when can I exhale and just chill? What is my heart telling me? My intuition, that transcends logic and dollar signs and knows what’s best for me?

What's Enough?

“Even if you don’t have everything that you want, still taking inventory of the things that you already have is so important.”


In my first Lead with Love solo episode, I explore the question of “what’s enough?” that all of us have to ask ourselves at some point. I talk about my experiences and how I determined what it’ll take for me to live life full out based on my personal definition of success.

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