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How I got invited to speak at TEDx this year! #DreamOutLoud

I’m sending this out as I get ready to leave Pismo Beach today. I had an epic week celebrating the 4th of July on the Central California Coast with my family and close friends. It’s become an annual tradition of ours to watch fireworks on the beach in Santa Barbara. Pure magic.

If you’ve been scrolling through Facebook lately, you may have seen me share what’s been swirling around in my heart and head when it comes to leading with love in business and life.

They’re my video love notes for you. 🙂

I was inspired (aka “challenged”) by my friend Jen Kem to show up and share my message with my tribe more consistently. She says, “Connection is in the consistency!”

And of course, I know this. It’s what I teach.

But some things that I say to my own clients that I coach and mentor is “leaders need to be held too,” and “you can’t read the label from inside the jar.”

No matter how smart you are, you need an outside perspective from people who get you and see your vision, which is why I created Love Over Metrics.

So as promised, I want to share some exciting news with you! Watch this video to hear how saying my dreams out loud and building “for real” relationships led to fulfilling one of my own dreams I wrote in my 3 year vision: give an 18 minute talk on a TEDx stage. This November, I’ll be speaking at TEDx in Santo Domingo, holy guacamole! Can someone pinch me please?!

Find out how I got invited to speak at TEDx in this video and see how giving my dream a voice helped make it a reality.

Now it’s your turn. Your dreams need a voice too.

If you’ve been in my world for awhile, you’ve heard me say again and again the POWER that comes with Saying Your Dreams Out Loud. Sharing your desires, your hopes, your dreams with other people creates a real + powerful energy that adds momentum and fuel for new opportunities to show up in your life.

Now you can’t just dream it, you need to say, then do it. Taking imperfect action is a part of the equation to make your dreams a reality.

So…are you a visionary, world-changer, difference maker, and action taker? I know you are. That’s why you’re in my tribe.

If you’re ready to shake up the status quo and give voice and focused action to your dreams, apply for Love Over Metrics. It’s a super special 12-month business growth incubator, with a mentor (that’s me!) and CEO sisterhood + mastermind for female entrepreneurs.

The deadline is July 14th, so if you’re feeling called to get the support you need for next level growth in your business, I invite you to apply.

If you have a big dream, then say it out loud. You never know how the dots will connect.

Warm Hugs,

P.S. Last day to apply for the Love Over Metrics Program is July 14th. #TakeImperfectAction and apply now.

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