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I held my 94 year old grandmother’s hand…

Holiday mode has us rushing to the finish line so dang fast.

After two weeks of fires in California (thank you 3 days of rain!) and spending a week filling my family cup in Las Vegas with my husband’s family and my brother, I am reminded that life is much more than our work.

In one week, I had an opportunity to hold my newborn nephew in my arms and hold my 94 year old grandma’s hands. Life is precious, and it’s important to not let growing our businesses so fast that we don’t allow ourselves to be present for the tiny moments.

Where in your business or life are you pushing too hard? Moving too fast?

If you’re looking for a new way of doing business, one that’s more aligned with you and your purpose, then episode 138 of the Lead with Love Podcast is for you.

In this solo episode, I give you permission to build slowly.

Permission to Build Slowly

“I really think that a company that is built with amazing culture, intention, growth and love really gives the space to build slowly.”


Building slowly is counterintuitive to most people in the business space. It’s all about fast growth, high performance and increasing profits as quickly as possible.

And as a serial entrepreneur at heart, having built 4+ businesses, I fully acknowledge that all of those things are important. I’m a huge fan of profitability. I’m a huge fan of high performance. But it all needs to be aligned with purpose. It’s not about building fast just for the sake of building fast, as a way to gain that extra external validation. It’s about something so much more than that, getting back to your why and to the root of what really matters.

In this episode I’ll share the concept of simplify to simplify, a whole new way of living by dedicating our time to whole living and 5 key learnings that I lean into when building businesses.

What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!):

  • What simplifying to simplify will do for your life and business
  • The concept of “whole living” and why it’s essential for us to be dedicating our time to doing it
  • What to consider when building a long-term vision for your business
  • A big mistake that entrepreneurs make when leaving the corporate world to go solo

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