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How do you know when to push, pause or pivot?

I’ve had a lot of clients and friends who run their own businesses who were in the ring of fire this summer –– myself included.

No matter how much effort I put into something, the energy was stagnant with no movement.

The stuck energy was a call to… surrender… slow down… listen… and PLAY.

So that’s what I did. I paused and even pivoted on some projects.

I moved the energy from the inside out. I focused on my body instead of my business. I started taking dance classes twice a week with my girlfriends.

“When you pray, move your feet.” –– West African Proverb

This can feel so counterintuitive to productivity.

If you’re in a place of overwhelm and uncertainty, and you’re not sure what direction to move in next, this week’s solo episode of the Lead with Love podcast is for you.

Push, Pause, Pivot

“When pausing you can think and dream, but you also just need to be still and actually listen to see what is the next move.”


In episode 127 of Lead with Love, I talk about a question that’s been stirring in my heart and head over the past month and now I’m asking you…

How do you know when to push, when to pause and when to pivot?

I share…

  • What pausing is really all about and why it can be so important
  • How you can find opportunities by pivoting
  • What to consider when in each phase and how you may be creating unnecessary pressure for yourself
  • What can you can do right now and a special invitation I have for you

FIND full show notes here:

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So tell me, where are you in this phase? Do you need to push, pause or pivot?

I’ve been an entrepreneur for almost 10 years and I’ve had my fair share of ebbs and flows. If you’re looking for a mentor who can help you get results faster while having fun along the way, I’d love to help you navigate through all the different phases of business.

Learn more and apply for the Love Over Metrics Incubator program here. Starts October 2018!

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