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Is your business feeding your soul?

Summer “vacation” is officially over for me. And I can really feel the transition.

Can you feel the shift in energy too?

I can see the leaves starting to fall in Northern California, which means it’s time to shift from play and celebration to focus and close up open loops and prepare ourselves for the next season in our business and lives.

And if you don’t know… fall is my absolute favorite time of the year! Hello chai tea lattes, fuzzy socks, and cozy fireplaces. This is where all my big dreams and ideas start to become really, really clear too!

Today, I get cozy with my dear friend Nicole Walters on episode 126 of the Lead with Love podcast. If you want to make money in a way that feels aligned with your purpose and soul, you’ll love this inspiring conversation.

By age 28, Nicole was a highly-paid executive at a Fortune 500 company, managing multibillion dollar accounts. Billions y’all! She quit her corporate job live on Periscope in front of 10,000 people because her job was feeding her family, but not her soul.

Rich in Purpose

“I’m a big believer in putting out your divine intention and throwing things out into the world before God and hoping they come to fruition.”

– Nicole Walters

Nicole was able to build a steady, seven-figure gig on her own terms by opening her own private business and product development consulting firm, The Monetized Life. She now teaches everyday entrepreneurs how to earn “passive income” through her wildly popular online course, 1K1Day at

We talk about…

  • Why it’s important to look at the whole person and not just look at people as numbers
  • Making leaps into the unknown and the fear that comes along with it
  • Accessibility, wealth, and “rich friends”
  • How to leverage stories and online visibility in your business
  • The ways Nicole is increasing representation both on her team and in her community
  • What to automate and what not to automate in business

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