You deserve to

love your life


have you experienced 7 days of this before?

Last week I was living my dream week. Have you ever taken the time to document when you’ve had a really good day, or even a really good week? It’s helpful to take stock on what’s working and what’s not.

Here’s all the things that filled my cup over 7 days from Oct. 21 – 28:

  • I went to a pumpkin patch with my family
  • walked 25 minutes every morning
  • listened + finished a book on Audible
  • got a 90-minute massage
  • watched a movie with my family
  • had an energizing team call as we clarified my offerings for 2020
  • had coaching calls with my clients
  • virtual co-coaching with a friend + dreamed and doodled
  • hipline dance class with friends –– my favorite teacher Nadia, played all the hits
  • sunset hike with a friend and fur babies

  • long lunch at True Food Kitchen + mastermind with friends
  • shopped at my favorite store Anthropologie (they had 25% off everything for members)
  • double date night to see Thom Yorke in concert under the stars –– followed by late night tacos and carne asada fries
  • shopping day with Zoe to help her find a book for her friend’s birthday + ate Wetzel Pretzel bits!
  • girls night in at my place where watched When Harry Met Sally + Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and played Dutch Blitz until 2:30am
  • drove to wine country for my friend’s baby blessing + shower (during my solo drive there and back I got to catch up with my mom and friend)

I look at my life like one big experiment.

So I wrote down why I loved my week so much: I was with my family and friends outdoors. I listened to live music. I gave myself time and space to think and dream. I connected with my favorite girlfriends in person and online. I moved my body. I had valuable + insightful conversations with my clients. I created content that would be valuable for other people’s audiences. Lots of experiences that activated all of my senses. I felt useful + focused. I felt inspired and strong. I felt creative and intentional.

I also asked myself what was missing. Here’s what I wrote: doing in person events with clients (bringing people together and leading retreats + workshops is my FAVORITE thing to do in my business); writing my book and creating my planner (I spent more time creating content for others, versus creating content for my own body of work).

What does a dream week look like for you?

Take the time to write it down.

That’s why I love having conversations with so many creatives and entrepreneurs on my podcast. I get to hear people’s stories on how they pursue their dream life through persistence, resilience and curiosity.

If you want to build a satisfying life without sacrificing a paycheck, and you want to build a more profitable business without sacrificing your life, then this week’s episode of the Lead with Love podcast is for you.

In this episode, I get cozy with Scott Voelker, founder and host of The Amazing Seller podcast, a TOP Ranked Business show where he helps regular, everyday people start and grow their own online business in Ecommerce.

The Amazing Effect of Taking Action

Everything that I've decided to do hasn't always worked, but it's always about taking action


Scott is a serial entrepreneur that has built and helped others build 6 and 7 figure brands online over the past 15 years and has now taught and inspired thousands all over the world, through his “Take Action” approach with his book: The Take Action Effect: Proven Steps to Build a Future-Proof Business & Create Your Ultimate Freedom.

What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!):

  • How Scott knew it was time to leave his father’s construction business and become his own boss
  • What it looked like to start a photography business with his wife and the benefits and challenges of being in a partnership with a spouse
  • How Scott transitioned to the online space and what pushed him to do so
  • The marketing strategies from his early days of being an entrepreneur that still work for him (and you) today
  • What his first product launch looked like, and why he says it literally “changed his life”
  • What inspired him to start his top-ranked podcast and the “failures” that taught him so much about podcasting, business and life in general

FIND full show notes here:

Check out the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music (or wherever you listen to podcasts). As you’re listening, take a screenshot, share your favorite takeaway and tag me on Instagram and Facebook with #leadwithlovepodcast.

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