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Yesterday I landed in Miami for my girls trip.

Making time to connect with my besties is absolutely non-negotiable when it comes to my life and my business.⁠

During this trip we're focusing on REST and heart to heart CONNECTION. Along with celebrating Nicole's BIRTHDAY! 👯⁠

These women are seriously my lifeline. A soft place to land when life feels hard. They are on speed dial (aka a voxer message away) to anything that's going on in my life.⁠

And even though, we are all women running our own businesses, what we lean on each other for most is about strengthening our marriages, our relationships with our children, and how to not lose it when life and the unexpected happens.⁠

We're all committed to doing the inner work that's necessary to do the outer work that changes the world.⁠ We're also committed to living with a freedom mindset where we schedule our work in a way that allows us to spend time with those who matter most to us.

What I love about us is the diversity we bring to the table in melanin and mission. We are yin and yang. We've got flow and we've got fierce power that fuels our S(QUAD). Along with tequila + Shirley Temples + laughter. 🍹⁠

And if you're looking to embrace the freedom mindset in your own business and life, listen to this week's episode!

The Freedom Mindset

How do you balance your personal definition of success while building a seven figure business, growing a team, nurturing a community, and taking care of your customers?

This is the question we lean into as we talk about self compassion as an entrepreneur, the freedom mindset, and finding fulfillment.

In this episode, I get cozy with Alexandra Jimenez. She’s the founder and editor-in-chief at Travel Fashion Girl, one of the highest trafficked blogs for female travelers, where she teaches an audience of 1,000,000+ monthly visitors to pack in a light, stylish, and efficient way.

She’s appeared live on the Fox & Friends morning show and has been featured in national digital news outlets including Cosmopolitan, Oprah, Forbes, USA Today, and Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast.

The Freedom Mindset

“My success, that feeling of fulfillment comes from the stories that I hear from people, and knowing that I helped empower them.”


What I love is Alex followed her passions after quitting her corporate job in the fashion industry in 2008 to spend almost a decade traveling full-time.

She now has a new travel brand called Compass Rose Travel Accessories that is quickly making its way up the best-selling list on Amazon.

What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!):

  • What motivates Alex more than money, and how her business continues to shift to this day
  • How she expresses her values and business ethics (and maintains her energy!) operating a growing Facebook group with over 23,000 members
  • What Alex’s support team looks like today, the struggles she faced growing her team, and why she feels that she actually should have waited longer to hire
  • Why she almost pivoted away from her travel blog, and what allowed her to look at her business with a whole new perspective
  • What really moved the needle for Alex on her journey from a 6 to 7-figure business
  • A book that has impacted Alex greatly, and allowed her to have compassion for herself as her business grows

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