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#BuildYourChallenge: We all start at ⓏⒺⓇⓄ

As you know, I'm the co-founder and author of Simple Green Smoothies (have you checked out our book?!). We've built an amazing community –– who we like to call our green smoothie lovin’ tribe of Rawkstars. We have over 415K Instagram followers, 320K facebook fans, 385K email subscribers and over 30 million page views. We’re super proud of these numbers because we know we're changing lives, and I’ll share each step we took to grow an engaged audience in the course. But today’s point is this:

Don’t let someone else’s success stop you from starting. We all start at zero.

I started at zero. Zero followers, zero subscribers, zero income. Even for entrepreneurs that have built multiple businesses, every time you build it’s like you’re starting from scratch. Of course the second or third time around, you're a little more wiser because you have more information, more experience and more confidence.

In 2011 before Simple Green Smoothies, my partner, Jen Hansard, and I started a parenting blog called Family Sponge. We wanted to connect with moms like ourselves so we focused on parenting, eco-friendly arts and crafts, kid-friendly meals, etc.

Check out the snapshot above. We only had 12 likes and 2 comments! Joy Jonah, yeah…that’s my mom. And Alex Castro is my cousin who’s not married and has no kids. So clearly, we weren’t connecting with our ideal audience. Can you relate?

Takeaway: Remember, we all start at zero. What you're building matters.

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P.S. Don’t miss next week’s tips + tricks to find out the single most powerful strategy that helped grow our list to 200,000 rawkstar subscribers in one year! #holykale

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