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#BuildYourChallenge: First, BET ON THIS…

Ready to build your tribe with a challenge? Before you start serving your tribe, you have to take care of one very important thing first –– YOU. In order to make a big impact in the world, you must believe in yourself and believe in your dreams before anyone else can.

No one’s going to believe in you more than you do.

Believing in yourself can be hard at times. I remember when I was building my business online, my husband would watch our daughter after a full day of work because I was certain if I hustled during nap times and bedtimes, I could make six figures in six months. Have you been there? Do you have big, speedy dreams?

Well, the six month came, and we were still broke and even had to move out of our apartment because we couldn't afford the rent increase. My husband had lost hope and sight of the vision I had. But I didn't. I remember my husband said, “When are you going to start making money?” I responded to him, “I got this. I'm studying. I'm learning. I think I get it, but I need more time. I don't know when or how it's going to happen, but I got this.”

You have permission to ask for more time. It's your dream and no one, not even you should put a timeline on your dreams. You know the why. You know the what. But you have no control of when or how.

STOP Self-Doubt & Self-Sabotage

Here's when you and I start to hit a plateau in business –– when we…

  • feel like we're not enough and not doing enough
  • hide so we don't take action and put ourselves out there
  • think we can't achieve our vision
  • compare ourself to others
  • stuck in the “I don't know how”

If you feel iffy about what you’re building, people will sense that and see you the exact same way you see yourself.

You have to bet on yourself when building your business and building your tribe. Invest time, energy and resources to take imperfect action towards your dreams. Double down on getting the support you need. Once you believe in you, you can enroll people in your vision so that they can support you when you need it the most, especially when you start saying…

“Am I going to suck at this?”
“What if I fail?”
“What if they don't like what I'm saying?”

I. Know. How. You. Feel.

I can't wait to share with you how to build and nurture your tribe, by creating your own challenge. You're going to learn how to authentically connect and engage with your audience. I know that putting yourself out there with a chance of crickets is scary.

If you're swimming in self-doubt and self-sabotage, reach out to a friend, a partner, a business soul-sister, anyone that believes in your vision and wants to truly see you succeed.

Takeaway: Bet on yourself first. No one’s going to believe in you and your dreams more than you do. Once you believe in yourself, others will have no other choice, but to believe in you too.

Warm hugs,

P.S. Did you know I had 2 epic failures before my 3rd business took off? In next week’s tips + tricks, I’ll share about my 1st online business and what encouraged me to press onward. Hint? You and I have this in common.

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