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#BuildYourChallenge: The Singled Out Technique

So if you caught last week’s post, you know that I really struggled to find and connect with my dream tribe. Basically, I didn’t have a tribe, lol! Since the parenting blog turned out to be a total flop, we tried a different strategy with Simple Green Smoothies that resonated with our audience and grew our list at an incredibly insane rate. Part of the strategy deals with “who” and the other part deals with “where.” I'm gonna talk about the where now and will fill you in on the “who” next time.

I call this The Singled Out Technique. It's super simple and here’s how it works:

Focus on one social media channel at a time. Build momentum on one platform and allow that to leverage future social media platforms.

That’s it. Simple right? For us, it was Instagram. We ignored every other platform. We were on Instagram so much our thumbs were sore. Every single comment received a response. No Comment Left Behind. We were constantly replying, constantly engaging. We were sharing consistent content that was helpful and the results were mind blowing.

One mistake entrepreneurs make when starting out is trying to be in too many places at once. It’s hard to have real conversations happening in different places and is extremely exhausting to try.

Choose the platform where your audience hangs out and that you shine on the most. Dominate that platform – learn all the ins and outs – then use that momentum to build on other platforms later on.

Takeaway: Don’t try to be in too many places at one time. Focus on one social media platform and rock it out.

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P.S. Who is your “who?” Pinpointing your ideal customer can be a tricky thing. Next week, find out how to draw in your dream tribe.

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