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I struggle with anxiety at times which can affect my mental well-being.

For example, if someone is upset with me, I’ll stay up at night tossing and turning and replaying the scenario in my mind. Why couldn’t I have done something different in the past? Now, what’s going to happen in the future? I lose sleep. I’m more tired the next day.

Even though logically I know it’s not that big of a deal, I still worry and assume the worst. When moments like this come up, I know I have to tend to my emotional needs.

As women, it’s important that we build a relationship with our emotional selves to acknowledge our disappointments, fears, and worries. Our natural reaction when we feel something is to stuff, hide and suppress. We’ll use distractions (including our work) to numb our feelings.

When we take time to notice when we’re sad, angry, or frustrated, we can come up with strategies on how to move forward in a more loving, compassionate way.

One thing that has been a great emotional support for my family is our puppy, Beesly (named after Pam from The Office). Beesly sheds fibers of joy and is full of unconditional love. Here’s some #puppyspam

My daughter is in 9th grade this year. She had a lot of fears and worries getting ready to make a big change from homeschooling for the past three years to high school. My husband and I listened to this book, Helping Your Anxious Teen, which helped us a lot. Many of the tips and strategies were things I could apply to my own anxiety as an entrepreneur, too. So, I decided to talk about what I learned and how we can apply it to our children’s lives and our businesses.


A New Way of Approaching Anxiety

In this week’s episode, I get cozy with my right hand of over 5 years, Michele. Over the years, we’ve talked about our daughters and the challenges and joys in raising them. So in this episode, we’re letting you in on one of our conversations.

We talk about anxious feelings that we’ve experienced in raising our daughters and various ways and tools that we find useful in helping them navigate the uncertainty of being a teen in our current world. Also, how we can use these same tools in our own lives and businesses to turn down the volume on stress.

“Anxiety is not a bad thing. It’s a signal, and it’s a sign that your body and your mind feels it’s in a stressful situation.”


What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!):

  • What anxiety is and how it impacts our kids, specifically around their schooling
  • How we can begin to minimize anxious thoughts and worry
  • Questions to ask yourself or your team, and ways to begin building a “play menu”
  • Tools and tips to help cope with anxiety, stress and overwhelm
  • Some of the best strategies for dealing with fear and uncertainty that I’ve used with my child and also my clients

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