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Year in Review // 2015

Held hostage in Maui… Best. Birthday. Present. Ever.

My husband and daughter woke me up at 6am. They said I had 90 minutes to get ready and pack my suitcase for Maui. In my sleepy stupor, I was like, “are you for real?”

Jadah and fam maui

But Zoe, with her 7-year-old honesty, confirmed that she had been holding this secret in for awhile, and we were indeed getting on a plane very, very soon.

10 days in Maui… I was surprised under the banyan tree by 6 of my amazing friends and all of their kids. And over the next few days more friends surprised me, along with my parents and my husband's parents.

My husband and I renewed our vows after ten years of marriage on the exact same beach we said “I do.” We luau'd with all of our friends and family to celebrate the vow renewal.
Jadah and George vow renewal

Over the next few days we unraveled on our beachfront condo and embraced the art of doing nothing. I unplugged from work and let the island lead the way into conversations, sunsets, memories and magic moments.

I am extremely grateful for my husband who knows his woman so well. I love surprises. I love being surrounded by people I love. I love traveling. I love watching Zoe play in nature and roam free. And I love him.

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” ~ Dr. Seuss

Summer! Santa Barbara + Portland + Australia + Fiji

Fiji mud bath

The Simple Green Smoothies Book!!!

Surreal moment to go into a Barnes & Noble in #newyorkcity as a published author today!

Jen and I found our Simple Green Smoothies book on shelves, and we signed each copy with love. We got to celebrate this special moment with our husbands and kids by our sides. We got to receive so much support from our friends, families, and fans. So much love. And I'm just taking it all in.

For all the dreamers with your big ideas, your many domain names, your bold ambitions, you do not have to choose just one adventure in this lifetime. You get to expand, experiment, and embrace the beautiful chaos of your life.

I would be lying to say that the road less traveled is easy, that writing a book is easy, that building and growing a business is easy. But every moment is so worth it!

It's the in-between moments where I get to pause and celebrate. It's those quiet moments where I breathe deep belly breaths. It's the still moments where I remember to feel more ease and more empowered.

Follow your curiosity…
Play with possibility…
Explore your passions…
Commit to serve…
…And always choose love.

No matter how you're in my world, I thank you for being a part of my story, this journey, and this magical moment to create more ripples in the world to spread more love.

book signing nyc
Signing copies of our new best selling Simple Green Smoothies book at Barnes & Noble on the Upper East Side!

Our friends are so incredibly supportive that they threw an impromptu book launch Partay!
pop-up book party 2

Holy kale, The Simple Green Smoothies book is a number 1 best seller on Amazon for juices and smoothies!

Making 100 most creative list

Good Life Project

This was one of my favorite interviews. Jonathan Fields is like the Barbara Walters of podcasting. There were tears, a whole lot of laughter, and behind-the-scenes insights about the love Jen and I put into our Simple Green Smoothies business built on heart, hustle and hugs.

Featured in Entrepreneur

I just have to CELEBRATE. The only magazine I subscribe to is Entrepreneur. And we were featured online via by New York Times Bestselling author Lewis Howes

He highlights interview with Jen Hansard + I on the School of Greatness podcast, and we are officially his first 3-way! heart emoticon

I'm just so thankful for using my intuition and following my heart to make the first money we ever made online and putting it right back into people (our first hire who supported us with responding to emails and customers) and a game-changing program (B-School!) in early 2013.

We were hustling for 18 months with not a single pay day in sight. Trust me when I say it was soooooo scary to put our first profit right back into our business. We were betting on ourselves that we would come out winning on the other side, which is not always easy with all the stories and self-doubt swirling in our heads. But…

You have to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF first. It is your job, your mission to enroll your loved ones, your partners, your clients, your fans into your big dreams and visions. Commit to the vision. Surprise yourself. Do the dream.

I am just super thankful for the opportunity to follow my dreams, do what I love, and change the world while raising a family. Pinch me moments for days!

Super Healthy Kids

Love this honest review of our book (plus Beginner's Luck recipe) on Super Healthy Kids. They have over 2 million Facebook fans, which is pretty awesome!

I've been feeling a little all over the place with how packed my summer was with traveling, speaking, and book making.

I've been home for less than two weeks after a back-to-back trip from NYC to Maui in September, and I'll leave again for our annual @simplegreensmoothies team retreat in wine country next weekend followed by a weekend in Santa Fe, New Mexico with a mastermind group I'm a part of. And then the week after that our book will be on book shelves. ‪#‎pinchme‬

My life is FULL in the best way. It's exactly what I asked for.

It's been a dream of mine to be an entrepreneur traveling the world, working on my laptop and having the freedom to choose when and where I work.

But anytime I feel like the lifestyle of my dreams are compromising my health and relationships, I have to step back and really assess the life I'm designing. I have to check in with myself and make sure I'm focusing my heart and attention on what really matters.

Today was one of those days I created time and space to live my life by design, tune into what my body needs and when I'm the most alert, and also connect with the people I care about.

Today I started my morning at 6:15am with my husband and I having quiet time at our kitchen table. I drank 16 ounces of lemon water upon rising. We wrote in our 5-minute journals. Then we spent 15 minutes doing kettle bell swings and crunches. After that I sipped on hot tea and gave my daughter morning snuggles. Thanks to my accountability sisters Nisha Moodley + Briana Borten for pushing and celebrating me to get to three healthy habits per day!

I didn't start my work day until 9am. And a little bit before 3pm my brain was mush. I reached out to my close friend Michelle Young Long to connect + catch-up. We decided to have a play date at her house and be moms.

While our kids played freely, we got to talk about our businesses (the good, the bad, the beautiful), dream about future vacations, talk about budgets and cooking at home more often. It was such a treat to end my FULL day with connection time. Not every day is productive, or intentional, but I'm thankful for the days when I create my days instead of accepting what's coming at me.

I'm curious. Do you have any morning or daily rituals? I'm always looking for inspiration. Especially as I'm feeling ready to redesign my own ideal dream week with intention.

Warm hugs,

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