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You're a visionary founder who is ready to disrupt your industry, shine as a business leader, reach more people, publish inspiring books, speak on stages, and make a positive impact in the world.

You have an amazing track record of success, the support of a team to bring ideas forward, and you’re ready to work with a business advisor to strategize exponential growth.

As a CEO, you know that massive business growth and sustainability isn’t hinged on “the 24/7 hustle and grind.” You’re a fierce visionary who wants to build a profitable and sustainable business with grace and balance. Most importantly, with love.

Get clarity on next steps and maintain momentum in your business without sacrificing people, purpose, and profits.


Lead with Love®

Success in business,
doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice
your most meaningful relationships

The future of work is here. And it starts with L.O.V.E.

How we can work together…



She Builds™ 90 Day Business Advisory

What if business felt fun, expansive, like an act of service, and more profitable every single day? You're in a season of growth and expansion, and it's time to level up. You'd like access to a community growth expert and business strategist to get you there. In She Builds™ Business Advisory, you’ll…

Increase your focus and lead your team with confidence while serving your community in a meaningful, more authentic way.

✮ Streamline systems that increase consistent revenue in your business with a CEO mindset that will achieve next level growth.

Innovate and grow your impact to reach more people, disrupt your industry, and lead with love in life and business.

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Lead with Love® Visionary Founders

As a busy CEO, you have a team to lead with limited time, so you need “Just In Time” insight and feedback with a high level strategist. You have important decisions to make in your company, and you value having a sounding board and strategic thought partner who understands the highs and lows of being a founder.

We strategize on how to optimize revenue, team efficiency, and community growth without exhausting yourself or your team. In Visionary Founders, a 1:1 business mentorship,  you'll…

Experience accelerated business growth and clarity with a trusted advisor for strategy and meaningful impact.

Map out your next level vision, prioritize projects and identify next steps for your team with a focused profit plan.

Identify the best opportunities that support company growth and expansion, so you can reach more people, increase profits, and love your role as visionary founder.

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Build Your Challenge™ | Grow Your Community

Do you want to grow your community and reach more people? Hosting a challenge is a great way to nurture your community, grow your email list, and add an additional six figure revenue stream to your business. In Build Your Challenge™, I share the EXACT steps I took to grow a social media following of 420,000 Instagram followers, 315,000 Facebook fans, and 355,000 e-mail subscribers. You’ll learn how to…

✮ Grow an engaged community of loyal fans who become happy customers that love to spread the word about your company, so you have an organic growth strategy in place.

Connect with your audience and deliver value with a simple step-by-step process designed to help you strategically map out, market, and run your first (or best!) challenge.

Generate more revenue from an existing offer or validate an idea for an offer you’d like to create, so selling feels like an act of service.

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