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Unhooking self worth from success

How much do you trust yourself right now?

That’s a question my life coach asks me.

Especially as I navigate a season in my life where my body is the heaviest it’s ever been.

It’s a vulnerable place to be when I feel torn about what size my body should be as an author of a health and wellness book.

One part of me wants to push myself so I can look like what I think a healthy body looks like to society. But another part of me knows that I need to be tender and compassionate with myself and move slow. This requires listening and trust, and that's not always easy.

When we can arrive at a place of deep trust with ourselves, we don’t need to rely on the external validation and an outward definition of success. We can find deep meaning and joy by trusting our bodies, our inner knowing, and our natural rhythms of productivity and flow.

Yet even when we know, we resist and push ourselves to burnout.

We’re running on fumes.

And here’s the thing… there’s actually nothing wrong with getting to empty. It’s natural to use up all of our resources. But we have to know what refills our tanks and restores our energy.

That's why I lean on my life coach to not only hold space for me as I hold a lot in running a business and raising a family, but she's also the resident life coach and mindset expert for my Love Over Metrics Incubator.

Burnout & Big Energy Women

Have you ever questioned your productivity, ambition and energy levels where you feel like you have too much or not enough? If you struggle with the highs and lows and the guilt that comes along with having big energy, then this episode is for you.

In this episode, I get cozy with my personal friend, life and mindset coach, Rebecca McLoughlin where we talk about success, burnout, self-worth and validation.

Unhooking Self Worth from Success

Rebecca helps ambitious women hone and balance their “big energy” into focused action and feminine flow. As a Certified Life Coach with a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, Rebecca is able to support her clients, myself included, in doing the deep inner work needed to gain insight and free themselves from patterns of procrastination, self-sabotage and burn out. Through skilled questioning and deep listening clients not only experience more success and ease in their business, but also create more joy and meaning in their whole life.

What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!):

  • A practice Rebecca recommends doing if you find yourself linking your worthiness to your work and success of your business
  • What being a “big energy woman” really means, and what to consider if you are one
  • What “Vitamin V” is and the what Rebecca does to practice taking it daily
  • The fears she had in growing a family after already having a thriving business in place
  • How Rebecca has learned to trust the season she is in right now, and her rituals for getting (and staying) grounded
  • What she says is behind the success of every single big energy woman

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