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The secret is out… 🤫

I have two EXCITING updates to share with you, including a 40-minute call that changed everything. ☎️

But first I have to be honest.

I felt the pressure to make 2021 the best year ever. But by whose standards? With so many ideas, so many plans, and so many decisions to be made, along with so many injustices in the world, it felt overwhelming. Can you relate?

My heart and ambition pulled me in a million different directions.

I thought I should be doing more. Posting more social media posts. Publishing more podcast episodes. Writing more newsletters. Launching more offers.

But what I really wanted was more space to create.

Instead of pushing myself, I gave myself permission to slow down, hibernate through the winter, and stay in my Creative Cocoon.

To stay in my creative cocoon and not get trapped in the go, go, go energy of the new year, I had to stay in the dark unknown. I had to do what my heart was calling me towards even if it didn’t make sense on paper.

Now that spring is here, I’m moving into the next phase that I’m calling Emergent Expression. A reclamation of the artist within.

Because I gave myself the time and space to grieve, heal and create, I was able to work on deeply meaningful heart projects.

Here are two BIG updates I’m excited to share with you…

UPDATE #1: I got a book deal with Harper Business! 📚

…to hang your “out of office” sign, slow down and hibernate. I snapped a morning selfie while writing this to you –– to show you my haven’t been waxed in months eyebrows + messy hair, don’t care vibes. I know my husband is TIRED of my quarantine uniform.

I finally submitted my book proposal to my literary agent. People have asked me how long did it take to write the proposal? Two years! It took that long to get clarity on the book my soul wanted to write.

At the end of last year, I had a 40-minute call with Harper Business (an imprint of HarperCollins). And within 48-hours, I got a sweet book deal with my dream publishing house. 🙌🏽 This is the same publishing house that publishes Gary Vaynerchuk’s books.

Confession: I mentioned Gary Vee in my proposal sharing there’s another way to do business without the hustle culture. 🤭

UPDATE #2: I created a new website at 🥳

My last website update was in 2014. Being forty pounds heavier, seven years older, I was afraid to do a new Photoshoot. I resisted this with a capital “R” as long as I could.

Until my deeper knowing knew that I had more to express.

» I needed to unapologetically reclaim without shame the woman I am today.

» I needed to capture the extra curves, grey hairs, and wisdom.

» I needed to share my range of soulful, strategic, sensual.

I worked with Rachel Pesso and In Her Image Photography for this new website, the same creative team I worked with in 2014. I felt safe to be my whole self. We have grown as artists, and we stretched ourselves to reimagine what's possible. You can see the entire creative village it took if you scroll to the bottom of my website and click Site Credits.

It was a reunion and a reclamation journey of the artist within.

I am, you are, we are more than enough.

Warm hugs,

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