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Taking imperfect action

I’m just starting to feel more like myself since that summer flu kicked my butt to the moon and back. Being out of commission for 2 weeks threw the little momentum I’d gained right out the window. Instead of hustling in high gear, I was hibernating with Zicam, antibiotics and all the coconut water.

The recovering perfectionist in me was pissed. Uh, Jadah…you’re supposed to be talking with women about Love Over Metrics.’re supposed to be doing Facebook lives in full makeup with post it notes on hand. Jadah…you're supposed to add as much value as possible to your community.

Before I knew it, I found myself in that spiral of badgering myself, overthinking and questioning everything.

Isn’t that crazy? How a small set back can make you question everything that you’re doing?

Could you imagine getting mad at your kid for being sick? And telling them they should be doing their homework instead of resting so they can recover? And reminding them over and over again how behind they are now?

My compassion seems to run low when it’s time to apply it to myself. So to get out of my head and back into motion, I’m going to take some of my own advice.

In this week’s episode of Lead with Love, I’m challenging myself to do something I always tell my community to do.

Taking Imperfect Action.

“I think it’s so important for us to remember that we get to take up space, and we get to take up space imperfectly.”


In today’s episode I talk about…

  • What to do when life throws you a curveball and you get off track
  • What can happen when we only present the “polished” version of ourselves to the world
  • How to truly express ourselves and serve in a bigger way
  • An example of the way one of my clients recently took imperfect action and a special challenge I have for you

FIND full show notes here:

My invitation for you: Take imperfect action. Move forward on that idea before you talk yourself out of it and share from a truly inspired place, so you can get your message out into the world.

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