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Sunshine + sisterhood + soulful (and sometimes silly) Conversations…

Are you feeling the spring energy yet? This is a great time to start a new creative project in your business or life.

But before you do that, it’s important to pause and rejuvenate after a long winter.

I spent the last 4 days spending time with three of my favorite girlfriends Sarah Jenks, Briana Borten, and Julie Santiago in Miami, Florida. I’m not going to lie, there were a few times I considered not going. I even delayed purchasing my plane ticket. Have you ever done this? ✈

Making excuses…

I came up with super valid reasons on why it would be okay for me to stay home. 1) I was just on a spring break vacation with my family in Iceland, and I had a lot of work to catch up on. 2) I could really use that money to reinvest in my business (or ahem… pay my taxes). 3) I’m jet lagged and tired, and I’d love to veg at home and watch some more episodes of Grace & Frankie on Netflix before I go back into focused work mode (thanks Jen Kem for encouraging me to start this show). 📺

But I checked in with my heart, and I knew the best place for me to be before I dive into my quarter 2 projects for my upcoming Love Over Metrics Mastermind launch, was with women who get me at a deep soul level. My friends are some of the smartest women I know who run mission-driven multiple six and multiple seven figure businesses. They not only run successful companies, they also put their families and health first. 💗

A few days with these women, I was nourished in the most beautiful ways. I replenished my self-care cup, so I can serve my own community from the overflow. I was reminded it’s okay to focus on scaling LOVE in my business and to help others do the same.

The Power of Sisterhood

We had deep belly laughs, asked soulful questions, celebrated our wins, shared our visions for the future, swam in the ocean, soaked up some vitamin D + got lobster looking tans, ate at the cutest restaurants, and drank so many smoothies, cocktails and mocktails by the pool. 🍹

What about you? Is there an opportunity to go somewhere or do something where you could be surrounded by people who get you, see you, and hold a bigger vision for your life? Yet you’re second-guessing if that invitation is worth your time, your money, your energy with all you have going on in your life? 👀

If you’re sitting on the fence about something like this, I’d encourage you to do something I do for myself and guide my clients to do too:

1️⃣ close your eyes

2️⃣ take a few deep breaths

3️⃣ put your hands on your heart

4⃣ ask yourself, “What do I need the most right now?” ✨

Pause and really listen. This could come up as a word, or phrase, or image. Listen to your voice, your truth that comes from inside (not from the outside). Tara Mohr talks more about this in the most recent episode of Lead with Love 🎧

My truth told me I needed to soak up some sun and be with my girlfriends. And every single minute in Miami was worth it. I deepened friendships, I got a lot of clarity about some questions I had around next steps in my business, and I fell even more in love with my family while I was away from them. 🌈

I’d love to know if there’s an event, program, class, vacation, you’ve been sitting on the fence about. Tell me about it over on Instagram or if you have some people you’d love to vacation with, tag them in the comments to get the vacation planning started! 🏝

Warm hugs

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