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Being loyal to your dreams, not your fears

It’s been a great past few weeks as we welcome in the spring energy. My family and I just got back from a beautiful vacation to Iceland (you can check out my pictures here). And now I’m having a girls trip in Miami. From snow to sunshine!

Loved my cozy convo with Tara Mohr, author of Playing Big: Practical Wisdom for Women Who Want to Speak Up, Create and Lead. Tara’s book has made a tremendous impact on my life and I love sharing messages that speak to my heart + soul.

Tara has a unique + magical way of bridging the internal conversations that are running through the heads of women as we step into our leadership.

I own 2 print copies and the audio version of Playing Big. I also bring it along to the business visionary retreats that I lead and gift it to my clients. Yup, it’s that good. I even invited Tara to speak to the women in my Love Over Metrics™ program – so many aha moments! I believe in her body of work and am so grateful for her message and service.

“Playing big is being more loyal to your dreams than to your fears.”


In episode 110, Tara talks about the 6 ways that women hide their voices – and which have applied to Tara herself, why she initially resisted her calling, what she noticed was missing from leadership based on her corporate experience, and how this led to what she does now, along with some boundaries she has set for herself and an example of something in online marketing that she chooses not to do in her business.

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