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Protect Yo Heart

It's been awhile since we last connected and things have changed a little (or more like a lot). I'm a published author now. Holy wow! Surreal moment to see my face on a book in Barnes & Noble. It's been a #1 best seller on Amazon since its release date too (you can check it out here).

All the wow'ness has also lead me to want to curl into a tiny ball and just retreat. Do you ever feel that way? Like you've put so much of your heart, time and attention on something that really matters. And then it's done. And you feel kind of done too. Fully baked idea baby…check! Now what? And what's enough? Questions stirring. Ideas brewing. What I know right now is…

My heart is tender right now. Protect Yo Heart

It feels so sensitive and fragile.

It does not feel broken. But maybe on the verge of breaking free.

It's bursting with so much light, so much possibility, and so many questions.

The world around me seems to flurry at an ever beating, fast pace. And my heart calls me to slow down.

The days are going by so fast.

I woke up this morning and just paused to reflect on all the things I'm grateful for. As I keep moving forward and chasing bigger dreams, it's important to slow down in those quiet in-between moments.

Sometimes I get hard on myself for being distracted. Squirrel! Or for wanting to talk on the phone with a friend. Or have a long 3-hour lunch with my husband. Or watch an episode of Saturday Night Live. Or take a break and go swim with my daughter.

I have so much to do and everything is due NOW.

But NOW is such a gift.

And some NOWs will be filled with hustle.

And some NOWs will be filled with stillness.

And some NOWs will be filled with my wandering mind.

But all of my NOWs are filled with me and that's enough.

I'm shedding all the judgement of how I'm being or not doing enough in any given moment. And trusting that what I'm doing right NOW is enough.

Trust that whatever you are doing right now is enough too.

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