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Love is Leadership with Jen Kem

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In episode 109 of Lead with Love, I am talking with my dear friend and brand strategist, Jen Kem. Jen is a Hawaii-based branding and marketing expert who helps entrepreneurs (including myself!) with marketing and messaging. A big part of her work is helping entrepreneurs get seen, heard and paid for being themselves!

Jen is the creator of the Master Brand Method, a super-powerful framework pulling her genius from 17 years of corporate experience and from launching multiple companies (I’ll share with you in the episode exactly how many businesses Jen has launched)! Jen is a serial entrepreneur who’s helped companies and brands like The Oprah Winfrey Network, Steve Harvey, Verizon and many more.

Love is one of Jen's top 5 core values of leadership. In this episode, she shares when she was out of alignment in her business and what happened as a result, her thoughts about giving away your best content for free, and her heart project Femmefluence, a platform that supports women leaders to fully rise in their influence and their affluence so they can make an even greater impact in the world.

“Companies aren’t structures. They are people helping people.”


What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!)

  • Why Jen feels so strongly about having love as one of her core values, and how she sees it as an advantage in business [6:34]
  • How love is leadership – of self and others [9:22]
  • A period when she was out of alignment and the effect it had on her business [11:03]
  • The messaging Jen heard as a child that had her “playing small” [20:20]
  • Why she feels that entrepreneurship gives the best personal development lessons [24:45]
  • Ways that her approach to building business has changed after years of entrepreneurship [26:35]
  • Parts of business aren’t supposed to feel good, and Jen feels that hustle is a necessary part of it all [32:43]
  • Her 3-part framework for business success [41:10]
  • Jen’s thoughts on giving away great content for free, and why you should be looking at this as a bridge for selling [47:05]
  • How Jen is pursuing her vision of “Femmefluence”! [52:25]

Resources + links mentioned:

» Jen Kem 

» Masterbrand Live

» Connect with Jen on Facebook and Instagram!

Key Quotes:

  • “Companies aren’t structures. They are people helping people.” [8:03]
  • “As we get older, we learn how to cope and connect through our leadership of self.” [28:39]
  • “There’s a difference between education and wisdom, and wisdom comes from being and doing.” [27:17]
  • “There’s a recipe for business success, and it includes hustle.” [34:22]
  • “If you want to stand apart, I believe you need to create intentional moments.” [43:21]

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