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#BTS: Behind the scenes of my next book part 1

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Have you ever considered writing a book? If you’re anything like me, you love to peek behind the scenes of how books are created.

Today’s conversation is a unique one because I talk about my book writing process with my friend and book coach, Azul Terronez.

We talk about my mindset, fears, and the uncertainty that comes along with discovering what the book will actually be about.

Spending time to transform and work on yourself as the author is really the only way you can hope to have transformation for the people reading your book.


What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!)

  • Why writing a book is my priority this year – and how I’m doing it [1:16]
  • The two distinct paths you can take in the book writing process [2:58]
  • Why it’s good to not get too concrete with an idea and the visual process Azul had me create [4:58]
  • What’s underneath everyone’s great story [11:03]
  • How this book will do more than just provide tactics and strategies to its readers [19:08]
  • The way that building a timeline of your life can be used to build a more impactful book [20:49]
  • A way to reframe how you look at the chapters of a book [25:58]
  • One huge myth that exists around writing a book [29:58]
  • What a good book should make readers say once they’re finished it [34:28]
  • What’s next for me in the book writing process and the biggest fears I still have around it [38:38]

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Key Quotes:

  • “One thing I have done this year is to make the book a priority, and I knew the only way I could do that is actually not just put time in it, but put money on the line in having someone that I trust so much with my heart and my stories to hold me accountable.” [Jadah, 1:16]
  • “Spending time to transform and work on yourself as the author is really the only way you can hope to have transformation for the people reading your book.” [Azul, 3:39]
  • “A book is like sharing yourself, or a 5 or 7 hour conversation with an audience, about who you are, what you believe and where you want them to grow into. So it should be a little bit of an emotional movement.” [Azul, 8:13]
  • “I know in order for me to write one section of the book that I think is the most important part, that I have to do my own inner work and be transformed and connected to that in a deeper way.” [Jadah, 16:55]
  • “The pain can be used to benefit you if you realize that it’s there to teach you something.” [Azul, 20:27]
  • “I think most book writers, or people who want to write a book, spend more time worrying and more time thinking about writing than they do writing.” [Azul, 30:46]
  • “Really whatever I share is going to be a gift to myself and to those who feel called to read it.” [Jadah, 45:29]

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