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Meet a fearless bada$$ CEO who 3x’ed her traffic and revenue

Today I’ve been focusing on recording for my podcast and looking for music for my podcast intro. I had to block out time in my calendar to make sure it happened, dance to some Sia to get in the zone, and also get a few pep talks from my friends via Voxer. Follow my Instagram to see some behind the scenes of how I prepare for this podcast. 🙂

So I’m celebrating myself for committing and showing up today!

Speaking of celebrating, at the start of every coaching call with my clients, I begin our time together with celebrations.

Lots of times, we focus on what went wrong, (the links in my newsletter didn’t work, I didn’t get as many clients as I wanted, I should be doing more than I am…) and kinda skim over the things that went right. Can I get an Amen?

And while yes, certain things just flat out suck + some healthy venting has got to happen, it’s so important to reflect and celebrate on what DID go right. What made you feel brave or lighter, inspired or fierce? Those things need to take center stage in your heart and mind. What were your top wins in 2017?

On a call this month with my client Meggan of, we took a look at her 2017 — what she accomplished in her personal and professional life.

Meggan joined my Mentorship Lab™ program at the beginning of 2017 and she’s continuing with me this year too. We’ve made magic together. And that’s because she committed and showed up for herself and her dreams.

When something clicks and you get the clarity and momentum you need in your life + business, you want to continue that progress, right? When I asked Meggan to join me again in 2018, her exact response, “DUH! I’m in! <3” I’m so excited to see what she comes up with next!

In this video, Meggan talks all about her experiences this past year since we starting working together. Here’s the quick rundown:

I had a record-breaking year in my business. I had 2.9M page views in December. I more than doubled my prior year achievements in traffic and revenue.

Getting my eating under control via PlateTherapy and keto.
Getting my exercise under control via hot yoga and running.
Hiring a nanny.
Hiring an assistant.
Hiring a mentor!
3x traffic and revenue.
Launching a digital product for sale.
Getting email marketing under control and doing something useful with it.
Finding my why.
Being featured on 2 podcasts.

I asked Meggan who did she have to be to create those wins, and she said,

“a fearless bada$$ CEO!”

Meggan is a completely different woman than she was last year and it’s been a beautiful thing to witness. I’m so proud of her heart, love for her tribe, and her commitment to her family and her life’s work. You can hear more from Meggan at

Hearing how women I’ve mentored have broken through and reached new levels in life warms my heart and is my WHY for doing what I do; helping women create a holistic approach in business, meaningful work, sustainable revenue, invested relationships, a healthy mind and body. #LeadwithLove

Are you looking for a mentor that supports and strategizes with you as a whole woman? Are you ready to focus on what really matters to you, so you can redefine success in a way that feels aligned and in flow? If that’s you, let’s explore the possibility of working together. Head over to the Mentorship Lab page to learn more (I only have 3, one-on-one spots left for 2018).

I hope you’re committing and showing up for yourself today!

Warm hugs,

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