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[Lovely Things] Bippity-boppity-book, summer lovin’ + upcoming retreat 📚🪄 

Did it feel like summer went by Way. Too. Fast?

Why are kids going back to school in California when it’s a million degrees outside?! Zoe started her sophomore year of high school. It’s wild to think I could be an empty nester in just three years.

During dinner one night, my family and I shared three of our summer highlights. This helped bring a sense of completion to our summer vacation. Mine were:

1. Celebrating my 39th birthday at Disneyland with Nikki Elledge Brown

2. Camping and whitewater rafting with my family and some friends

3. Hosting a VIP Mastermind Day in my cozy office with current and past clients

What were your favorite memories, experiences, and moments this summer?

Even in seasons of uncertainty, collective heartbreak, and the ongoing fight for justice for historically excluded people–– including people of color, queer folks, and women, we are still worthy of rest and play. 

It’s essential for our survival and how we show up in the world. 

We need to serve from our overflow, not depletion.

A big update… my book went to the printer this month!

No more Microsoft track changes, no more Adobe Acrobat markups, no more emails begging my editor to make “just one more” update.

How I’m feeling…

I’m nerve-cited to share this book with you. 

Lots of fears, doubts, and sneaky little gremlins creeping in. 

I’m learning how to navigate grief (letting go of something I’ve held so closely to my chest for several years), anticipation (worries/excitement about if anyone will like it), and perfectionism (defined by Elizabeth Gilbert as fear dressed up “in fancy shoes and a mink coat, pretending to be elegant when actually it's just terrified”).

So I’m working through those feelings with my life coach Rebecca McLoughlin and close friends aka my Support Squad (I talk about getting your own Support Squad in chapter 4 of my book). 

Here's my list of Lovely Things to spark some inspiration…

A List of Lovely Things ❤️

connect 👯

Usually, in the summer I travel abroad. But this year has been about staying rooted at home and deepening my relationships with my family, my friends and myself. 

I celebrated my birthday with my Polly Pocket BFF, Nikki Elledge Brown, at Disneyland. We stayed at The Grand Californian––a totally-worth-it-splurge because it’s steps from the park––which didn’t stop us from walking an average of 20,000 steps each day fully utilizing our 3-day Park Hopper. We watched the Electrical Parade and World of Color; ate churros, cotton candy, and caramel apples. 

We also magically squeezed in time to work on last-minute edits for my manuscript. Nikki with her word nerd magic called it a “Bippity-Boppity-Book Moustermind.” 

After our adventure, I turned in my copyedited manuscript and approved the design sample of how the book will look on the inside. This week, I’m recording my audiobook in San Francisco. It's getting close!!!

listen 🎧

Songs I’m listening to on repeat…

» “Destroy Myself Just for You” by Montell Fish 

» “LA FAMA” by ROSALíA, The Weeknd 

» “The King’s Affirmation” by Iniko 

» “Elliot’s Song” from Euphoria by Dominic Fike, Zendaya 

» “<maybe> it’s my fault” by WILLOW (love the hard rock vibe to dance it out and release some rage).  

I loved this (oldie, but goodie) Magic Lessons podcast episode: “Living the Dream and Facing the Nightmare with Elizabeth Gilbert + Neil Gaiman. They talk about struggling to make progress on a second book after the success of a previous one––which I could relate to. The book I'm writing now is so different than Simple Green Smoothies and I'm so different. Whether you’re creating your next project, starting another business, or in a new relationship, sometimes the trap we fall into is comparing our present to our past selves. 

Have you listened to the Sparked podcast yet? I’m part of the Braintrust of mentors with Jonathan Fields. We coach people on their biggest questions around doing work that makes them come alive. My most recent episode covers “How to Harness your Skills to have a Big Impact.” Here's an easy way to find the show on your fave app.

read 📖

Here’s an excerpt from Amanda Gorman’s poem, “Hymn for the Hurting.” Take a moment to read it all. 

Maybe everything hurts,
Our hearts shadowed & strange.
But only when everything hurts
May everything change.

I’m re-reading It’s Not Your Money by Tosha Silver. A reminder to trust, surrender, and receive in unexpected, delightful ways. 

In case you’ve slipped back into living an overscheduled life, read “You’re still exhausted. It talks about why the pandemic was and remains exhausting in so many invisible ways. (tip: Jocelyn K Glen)

watch 📺

Soooooo… if you really knew me, you’d know that I tend to watch most shows wwwwwaaaaaaayyyyy after the series has ended.

Newest one I can check off my list: Breaking Bad. We watched all 5 seasons in 3 weeks! Our record was watching 10 episodes in one day. 

laugh 😂

I’ve been so deep in book writing and edits this year that I chose to file for a tax extension, so I could focus. And this meme made me giggle. (🎩 tip: James Clear)

Watch this 4-minute video about “the talk” with your kids. If you have a teen, this will make you laugh. 

resources 📝

There are 100+ grant opportunities for Founders who identify as Women, Black, Asian, Latinx, or LGBTQIA+. When I see one I know their business qualifies for, I send it their way. And my clients who have applied, have actually gotten funds. See if you qualify for any on this list

nourish 🧘🏽‍♀️

My favorite act of self-care this summer have been hot tub dates (I know I’m the weird one who likes to soak in boiling water when it’s hot outside––it’s like a liquid warm hug to me). 

If you’re looking for a grounding guided meditation, check out  “Pain As A Portal To The Divine” with Sarah Blondin on the Insight Timer app. 


In July, I hosted an invite-only VIP Mastermind Day in my office. It was my first in-person event since 2019. 

Being in a room full of creative women business owners is medicine for the soul. We laughed, we danced, we cried.

I invited my friend, My, the creator of @myhealthydish to share her journey of reinvention and growth (she has 1.5 million followers on Instagram and over 4.2 million on TikTok). 

And then we ended our day with an hour-long foot + back massage. 

I’m also celebrating that I’m all booked up with 1:1 clients and don’t know if I’ll be opening any spots this year with the book coming out in November. Wild to say! I’m beyond grateful. 

BUT if you’d like my eyes and heart on your biz, join me for The Vision Retreat (a cozy-at-home experience that you can do from anywhere in the world). You’ll walk away with a clear vision, strategic plan, and community to lean on. Limited to 25 inspiring women entrepreneurs. Learn more here. Would love to see you there! 

If this list of “Lovely Things” brought you joy, feel free to share it with a friend. Unplug, dance, and build something meaningful.

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