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I just got back from Los Angeles surrounded by an amazing community gathering of women around She Builds at Meri Cherry’s Art Studio. La’Kita Williams moderated our panel which included Meri CherryMonica J. Sutton, and myself. 

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This event was so much fun, and I plan to do more of these in different cities around the world. 

Anti-hustle is the antidote to burnout. 

Something I’m committed to doing this year is modeling what it looks like to build and grow in an anti-hustle way. 

When burnout is not an option, we prioritize a work rhythm that honors rest and our capacity to show up and serve. 

If we overcommit and overextend ourselves, we become resentful towards our businesses and want to walk away from everything we’ve built. No one wins in this scenario.

So we have to build differently. 

In order to grow our businesses and nourish our lives, we must give ourselves permission to honor our own pace. 

And I’ve done just that with how I’m marketing and sharing about my book. 

I did a big push when She Builds came out in November recording 25+ podcasts in the month of September and October (I’ll highlight a few episodes below). I also did two in-person events with 100+ people in a two-week period (with Grace Kraaijvanger of The Hivery + Heather Anderson from The Club). I broke all of my calendar rules (intentionally) and said yes to more things than I had energy for. Because I knew it was just for a season. 

Once the new year came around, it was time to slow down my pace, catch my breath, and reassess what parts of my marketing plan were sustainable and enjoyable. 

I had to throttle my ambition. 

I plan to keep recording interviews and speaking, but instead of 25+ in two months, I plan to show up 4-5 times per month with a gentle mix of podcasts, in-person and online events. Below I’m highlighting a couple of episodes and sharing a playlist that has all the interviews to date. We’ll keep adding to the playlist as new interviews are added in 2023.

As you move through the beginning of this year, listen to a few episodes to get some inspiration for 2023.

The She Builds Tour

Love & Lightning: A Heart-Centered Take On Work and Life 

Good Life Project | Jonathan Fields

I felt right at home being back on the GLP podcast with my friend, mentor, and GLP creator Jonathan Fields. In this cozy interview, we talk about…

  • Lightning striking twice
  • Exiting my 7-figure business Simple Green Smoothies
  • Creating a business that fit my life, evolving values, lens on life and approach to service
  • Leaving behind the never stop working hustle culture approach and betting on creativity and love

      Anti-hustle and How to Build Something Meaningful with Jadah Sellner

      Smart Passive Income | Pat Flynn

      This is my 3rd time on the SPI podcast with friend and mentor Pat Flynn. In this convo, we talk about…

      • Self-care as a powerful tool for entrepreneurs
      • How my book, She Builds, is a practical anti-hustle guide that challenges the overwork narrative
      • The best strategies for growing a business in a sustainable, service-driven way
      • A behind-the-scenes look at my book writing process

      The Most Underrated Business Strategies

      Female Entrepreneur Association | Carrie Green

      I had so much fun chatting with my friend and FEA founder Carrie Green. She built her business before becoming a mama, and now she has two little ones, which is a whole new approach to “balancing” work and life. We talk about…

      • Why you need to redefine your vision as your business grows
      • How to do an ‘energy audit’ to restore balance in your life
      • How to define your ‘enough’ number and stop moving the goalposts
      • If you ever feel like you’re not doing enough, you’re not earning enough, or you just don’t have enough time… then this episode is especially for you 🙂

      Hustling is a Scam

      The Nicole Walters Podcast | Nicole Walters

      So loved this cozy convo with Founder and Creator Nicole Walters. Nicole is part of my support squad! We meet up every year in beautiful locations to talk about business, life, and family. In this interview, we talk about…

      • Why hustling is a scam
      • What a support squad actually looks like
      • Why a squad is more than friends supporting one another
      • How being a slow cooker can change your life, and
      • What to do TODAY to get out of the FEAR cycle

      The Anti-Hustle Guide to Growing Your Business

      Youpreneur | Chris Ducker

      It was so great talking all things anti-hustle with my friend and Youpreneur Founder, Chris Ducker. In this interview, we talk about…

      • The importance of nurturing and nourishing yourself as a business owner
      • Building sustainable practices to avoid staying stressed all of the time
      • Being uncomfortable at times during the start-up phase
      • Why every entrepreneur needs a support-squad

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