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How to put family first as a busy entrepreneur

In February of this year we made a big decision to homeschool our daughter for the rest of sixth grade. 🤓 ⁣

My husband and I both run our own businesses, and have one car, so we had to work some things out logistically to make this leap.⁣

There was a lot of researching, asking homeschooling friends a million questions, and having many family conversations to make sure everyone was all in.⁣

We have no idea how long this experiment will last. We’re approaching it moment by moment.⁣

A few weeks ago, I asked my husband how homeschooling feels for him.⁣

He said he feels like a big stress on our family has been lifted. He felt before homeschooling, our mornings were so rushed. Now mornings feel more spacious.⁣

He felt afternoons were filled with “did you do this, did you do that? Do this! Do that!” Now afternoons are filled with hikes even in the rain (this pic is of them hiking for P.E.). ☔

Can you really take on more responsibility?

I wondered if he felt like he was missing alone time after work. He’s done teaching his music classes by 12 pm. So before homeschooling, he’d have an extra 3 hours on his own before our daughter was out of school. He said he really treasures the extra time they have together.⁣

I thought that homeschooling would feel like an extra responsibility that we wouldn’t have time for. But now there are so many more moments I have with my daughter that I didn’t have before. I get to deepen my relationship in a season where it would be easy for us to pull further away because work/life/school gets so busy.⁣

We didn’t realize how much we were tolerating when it comes to how we moved through our days. I’m so happy we took the leap knowing we could always go back to the way things were if we didn’t like it.⁣

Is there an area in your life you may be tolerating? Is there a decision you’ve been wanting to make, but haven’t made the leap yet?

How to put your family first

As a busy entrepreneur, we have to find ways to put our family first. That’s why I’m excited about today’s Lead with Love podcast episode.

As entrepreneurs, we can get all consumed with our work.

How do you make sure work doesn’t fill up your entire life, so you don’t miss out on connecting with the people who matter the most to you?

“A business that compromises your health & relationships is not a sustainable business model”

In this episode, I get cozy with Jim Sheils, the author of the Amazon best-seller, The Family Board Meeting. We talk about a simple solution that will deepen your connection and presence with your family. And even if you don’t have children, you can do this with your partner as well.

How to Put Family First as a Busy Entrepreneur

Providing and protecting is important, but sometimes you’ve got to just love your family.


Motivated by what he saw as one of the most tragic challenges of modern life—the disconnection of busy entrepreneurs from their families—Jim developed the Family Board Meeting process to help business owners bridge the gaps between themselves and their loved ones.

Jim is the founder of 18 Summers, which specializes in live events, workshops and private consulting for organizations looking to strengthen their family lives while still succeeding in business. He’s an in-demand public speaker, and owns a private real estate company that has done more than $200 million in transactions.

What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!):

  • Jim’s process for value-based decision making and what qualities of his support him leading with love
  • What is a family board meeting, how they work and where the inspiration to start them came from
  • Why his private Facebook group is called “18 Summers,” and a shocking stat around the time we have to spend with our kids
  • The amazing story of how “Pizza Fridays” began and the impact it had on Jim and his son
  • What is needed for the family board meetings to work and what reading Jim’s book will give you
  • The 3 major life areas, or core pillars, that he realized school wasn’t addressing and how to start imparting this wisdom to your children

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