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How to overcome your inner critic…

I am BEYOND excited today! In just a few hours, I’m driving down to the Santa Cruz Mountains to lead the Love Over Metrics Incubator retreat for 15 inspiring women.

It’s so important as women leaders that we dedicate time and space to think and dream.

In order to make smart, strategic decisions in your business, you need to take a step away from your daily routine to think, dream, and plan. Even Bill Gates dedicates a few days out of each year as “Think Weeks.”

And that’s what we’ll do for the next three days. And you can bet I’ll be in the infinity-edge hot tub overlooking the forest every. single. night.

As we gather to connect to our dreams and commit to take imperfect action on ideas worth implementing… I know that our inner critic will rise, which is why I know you’ll love the conversation Amy Ahlers and I have about our FEAR voice and our LOVE voice, as we step up as leaders.

If you’re a woman stepping into more leadership so you can do big work in the world, then episode 133 of the Lead with Love podcast is for you.

How to Overcome Your Inner Critic

Amy is on a mission to STOP us from self-bullying and being so hard on ourselves. In episode 133 of the Lead with Love podcast, you’ll learn a simple 3-step process that can help you overcome your inner critic, in every single arena of your life.

We talk about…

  • What patterns you can start to notice in yourself and the stand you can take to overcome your own inner critic
  • What happens to our “inner mean girls” as we get older
  • The job of the inner critic and Amy’s Wake-up Call 3-step process for quieting that voice inside your head
  • How to bring your inner mean girl out of the shadows and into the light so she can be healed
  • How to use this simple process with our children, so they can tune into their own inner critic and their inner wisdom
  • What we can do to heal our addiction to achievement if you happen to fall in the “achievement junkie” category (like me!)
  • …and what it means for us as women stepping into bigger leadership roles in our careers and lives

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P.S. I'm so excited to be speaking at The Hivery's Entrepreneur + Inspiration Lab where Marie Forleo will be keynoting! Get your tickets ASAP and join me October 14 for a full day of female-fueled programming and inspiration in San Francisco: 

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