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how I stop myself from hiding (the visibility cure)

Now that I’ve gotten a few interviews under my belt, it’s not as hide under the covers scary as it was a few weeks ago.

Has that happened to you? Where you’re so committed to sharing your voice and your message, but as soon as you have everything in place, all you want to do is hide under your covers?

If you’re a quick start like me, it’s important to have shorter timelines when creating new work. You need to hit publish quickly before you talk yourself out of sharing it.

Here’s what I shared with my women in the Visionary Retreat this past weekend:

Create projects in 6-week chunks and separate into three 2-week phases:

1. Planning & Prepping Phase – this is when you’re brainstorming, mapping out timelines and to do’s, finding what tools and people you need to make the project happen, and scheduling calls.

2. Prepping & Producing Phase – this is when you’re actually creating the project; this could involve writing, recording, designing, etc.

3. Polishing & Promoting Phase – this is when you’re pulling all the final pieces together, and you’re getting ready to share the final product with the world.

Here’s a peek at my Trello card when I was focusing on launching my podcast in six weeks:

Now, I’d love to share the latest podcast episode with you…

Finding Magic in the Messy Middle

Did you know that I’m a newbie when it comes to interviewing? I’ve been interviewed for years on other people’s shows, but the first time I got to play the role of interviewer was last year. And I was so honored to have the genius, heart and soul of Danielle LaPorte as my first guest!

This week I made that interview with Danielle available on the Lead with Love podcast. I’m so happy to re-share our convo right here in the iTunes podcast app. And because we did the original interview as a Facebook live you can watch the video version here. I know you’ll love it!

“Finding Magic In The Messy Middle” with Danielle LaPorte

Watch/Listen/Share this COZY conversation about transitions, trust and #WhiteHotTruth with Danielle LaPorte, Finding Magic in the Messy Middle. Her answers were super inspiring, real, and unfiltered (so kids wear your ear muffs!)

Danielle LaPorte is a writer, speaker, poet, business maven, mama, muse to many, and a member of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100. I love the way she shows up in the world, standing in her truth and leading with heart.

Some things we talk about in today’s episode are…

  • how Danielle responds to a room full of strangers when asked, “so what do you do?”
  • her reason for cutting her dreads (did you know she had them twice?!)
  • why she took a break from the speaking circuit (and her thoughts about FOMO – fear of missing out)
  • you’ll learn a couple of different ways you can say “no” to opportunities that come your way
  • transitions, rebranding, and her favorite way of connecting with her son (this simple, quick ritual is SO good, and I’ve already added it to my family routine)

I also asked a question that Danielle’s never been asked before and her answer was a good one! You’ll have to listen to find out which one it was. 😉

Check out episode 104 with Danielle LaPorte here. I’m looking forward to sharing more cozy conversations about business growth, love, and social impact next week!

Warm hugs,

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