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Exploring your next chapter

Tomorrow kicks off my speaking season for the fall! This time of year is when many live events are happening which means I’ll be speaking on stages a lot more for the next few months –– including leading our Love Over Metrics retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains October 10-12.

Which also means some mom guilt, extra zinc, all the vitamin C, and batching podcast episodes like a boss. 🙂

I leave for Vancouver tomorrow to keynote at Screw the 9 to 5 Live. I’m so excited to hang out with Jill and Josh Stanton and the whole Screw U crew.

The best part is this is my life’s work I truly want to be living –– sharing my message of leading with love around the world. It’s why I stepped away from my last company to follow a dream that’s been brewing in my belly and whispering in my heart for many years.

If you’ve surrendered to the calling of your life’s work and you’re seeking to create your next chapter, then episode 129 of the Lead with Love podcast will really speak to you.

I get cozy with Grace Kraaijvanger, speaker, business mentor, and the founder of The Hivery, a co-working space and community where women can create, express themselves and receive authentic support as they change careers, start businesses, or take time off to pursue a passion.

Exploring Your Next Chapter

“I was very interested in creating a space that not only visually represented that creativity, but emotionally celebrated that creativity that is within all of us.”

Grace Kraaijvanger

Formerly a professional modern and ballet dancer in San Francisco, Grace’s initial idea for The Hivery came from a longing to create a space and community that evoked the same energy and spirit as what she had experienced as a professional dancer, when her days consisted of collaborating with choreographers, musicians, set designers, and other artists. After retiring from dance, Grace’s pursued a career as a marketing executive in tech and for Fortune 500 companies.

We talk about…

  • The importance of core values and what you want your business to be known for and how it informs every decision you make
  • How to respond to ideas that keep creeping back into you mind and how to turn a dream you may have been sitting on for many years into reality
  • The resistance Grace faced starting a brick and mortar business (from others and herself) but why she didn’t let it stop her
  • What essential ingredients she used to build a thriving in-person community with The Hivery and a major challenge Grace has faced in building the community, and how this obstacle led to new opportunities
  • How to help women recognize they are worthy enough to invest in themselves and their dreams

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Check out the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music (or wherever you listen to podcasts). As you’re listening, take a screenshot, share your favorite takeaway and tag me on Instagram and Facebook with #leadwithlovepodcast.

If you fall in love with Grace and what she stands for, I invite you to join us in San Francisco at The Hivery’s Entrepreneur + Inspiration Lab with an amazing lineup, including Marie Forleo and Dr. Tererai Trent.

I’ll be speaking about: How to Grow Your Community, Increase Engagement and Serve Your Tribe with Love, so you can spark a high-growth movement, build a deeper relationship with your fans and customers.

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