vision workshop

How to Amplify Your Dreams, Work with Clients You Love & Avoid Burnout



Discover the Power of Envisioning.

Build a plan for your big mission and vision in
less than 2 hours.


Tell me…

> Are you a CEO, Founder, or Entrepreneur who has too many things going on, too many ideas, and not enough time?

> Are you being pulled in a million directions and don’t know where to focus?

> If you’re really honest, you don’t know what’s happening in the next 6 months! Planning three years ahead just doesn’t seem possible right now.


If any of these things are true…
this workshop is for you.

Write Your Future Vision

with Clarity & Confidence

This workshop is a guided, self-paced journey to create your Future Vision (learn more in chapter 3 of my book She Builds: The Anti-Hustle Guide to Grow Your Business and Nourish Your Life).

You’ll Walk Away with a 3-year Vision for…


> Your Home Life: Envision where you’ll live, how you want to feel, and how you want to spend your time, and then, you’ll start creating the pathway to accomplish it.

Your Company:
Review your big-picture vision, connect to your “why,” and define your desired outcome.

Your Wellness: You’ll build a solid plan to grow your creative venture without overwhelm, exhaustion, and burnout.

Your Relationships:
You’ll design your business and life so that you have time for what matters most.

Your Contribution:
You’ll reflect on the wins you want to celebrate, both personally and in business, and how you will give back.

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